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Movers in Philadelphia

Movers in Philadelphia

Are you searching for a trusted international moving company in Philadelphia for your move? Our movers in Philadelphia are fastidious who will pack your things with care guaranteeing that they remain secure in the moving boxes. Our packers are experienced, and we are specialists with regards to arranging out a migration, so you have nothing to stress over. Our group will ensure that your move is sheltered and efficient while appearing effortless. If you're keen on what things we offer to deal with, what administrations we incorporate, don't spare a moment to call us. Our client assistance is here to assist you with anything you need identified with your turn.

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Top 10 Movers in Philadelphia List

  • Mambo Movers

    1205 07 S 15th Street, Philadelphia PA, 19146

    Mambo Movers is well-known and trusted moving company in Philadelphia. We are properly licensed and insured. We are always concerned about the safety of our customer’s goods and that's why we have ton..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Deborah Miller

    The staff at Mambo Movers were very kind, thoughtful and helpful. They asked questions about my move I hadn't even thought about and it saved me money. These folks are truly invested in their customers. The movers they sent were well qualified, fast and efficient. Couldn't ask for a better experience.

  • Broad Street Movers

    997 N Marshall St, Philadelphia PA, 19123

    The Broad Street Movers is a full-service moving and storage company in Philadelphia. We have been independently owned and operated since 2008. We have completed over 18,000 moves for our customers in..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Lisa Evans

    They moved everything without any damage, and the price was more than reasonable.

  • Universal Moving Services

    325 Chestnut Street Suite #800, Philadelphia PA, 19106

    Universal Moving Services is a best moving service provider company inPhiladelphia and we are well-knownand reliable moving company for providing organized, planned and safe moving services to residen..

  • Muperior Moving and Storage

    PO Box 17795, Philadelphia PA, 19135

    Muperior Moving and Storage is a professional moving company in Philadelphia. It provides all the services related to moving and storage. It is dedicated in keeping their customers confident and stres..

  • BR Moving

    421 W School House Lane Unit 25, Philadelphia PA, 19144

    The BR Moving company is one of the well-known and trusted moving company in Philadelphia. Our team of trained and professionals is always ready for local or long distance move as safe and easy as pos..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Aaron Young

    It was a great experience with this company..professional movers, fast but also very careful when packing/unpacking and moving fragile items or any item. They went above and beyond to move the large closet through a tiny space without a scratch. I would definitely recommend their movers and this company.

  • Intelligent Movers

    12th street, Philadelphia PA, 19148

    Intelligent Movers is trusted and professional moving company in Philadelphia. We have created an unstoppable force in the diverse moving industry. We genuinely care and have mastered a compassionate ..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Anthony Thompson

    This move could’ve been such a nightmare (we have so much stuff), but they made it a pleasant and economical experience. We can’t say enough good things. We highly recommend this company if all the workers are like the ones they had.

  • Real Deal Moverz

    1735 Market St, Philadelphia PA, 19103

    Real Deal Moverz is one of the quality moving company in Philadelphia, Located at 1735 Market St, Philadelphia PA, 19103. It focuses on making the move as stress-free and efficient as possible. It has..

  • Next stop movers

    600 Broad St, Philadelphia PA, 19120

    Next stop movers is a full service provider moving company in Philadelphia. Our professional moving crewsoffers all of our customers exceptional moving services athonest and fair prices. From beginnin..

  • Skybox Movers

    2220 Spruce Street, Philadelphia PA, 19103

    SkyBox Movers is a trusted local moving company in Philadelphia, PA 19103. We specialize in residential and commercial moving in the Greater City of Philadelphia, with the focus of moving in and out o..

  • Antique Transport Co

    4700 Wissahickon Ave, Suite 111, Philadelphia PA, 19144

    Located at4700 Wissahickon Ave, Suite 111, Philadelphia PA, 19144, the Antique Transport Co. is one of the trusted moving company in Philadelphia. It provides all the services needed by customer for l..

    based on 2.0 Reviews


    Excellent service at a low price. I would give advice to everyone who is looking for movers and packers to use Antique Transport Co.

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Some Interesting Facts about Philadelphia

  1. Philly
  2. Brotherly Love
  3. The Birthplace of America
  4. The City that Loves You Back,
  5. The City of Neighborhoods
  6. The Quaker City
  7. The Cradle of Liberty

International Moving Companies in Philadelphia- Hiring Guide

To enjoy every bit of your relocation from Philadelphia, it is very important to do all the planning on the back foot so that you don’t need to face any problem at the front foot. And for this, it is very important to choose a quality moving company that can assist you and help you to make your relocation and shifting process an easier and hassle-free one. And, to make your move a simple and hassle-free one from Philadelphia, Thepackersmovers.com is here with its amazing and commendable moving directory in which many amazing movers and packers in Philadelphia are mentioned that are working for the past many years in the same field and hence, they are worth the try.

You will need to focus on several things and aspects so that you can plan your move efficiently and can do all the daunting chores of moving hassle-freely like pack your belongings safely and securely so that you can be sure that there are no accidents or misfortunes while you take your items to your new address. And, for this, good quality of packing material is required and a bit of professional concept so that you can organize everything carefully that will be helpful during the unpacking as well making the chore of setting them up easier and simpler. And, here they need for Philadelphia movers comes into the picture. The Philadelphia van lines are having experience in doing the hassled job of packing and hence, they can see it better that your items are safe during the packing, loading, and the whole relocation process. This will make you stress-free and you can enjoy the move as well.

Philadelphia Van Lines- Advantages

Well, relocating your place from one city to another is indeed an interesting work to do, but, when the ground reality hits the movers that they have to do so many chores like packing their stuff, hiring a vehicle for transportation, then loading, unloading, and many more; all the excitement starts to fade and they the movers realize the importance of hiring Philadelphia moving companies.

So, if you have also decided to shift your home and Is confused about whether to hire movers and packers in Philadelphia or not, then here are some advantages listed that will help you to set your mind. So, have a look at the points:

Philadelphia Movers- Hiring Tips

If you are hiring Philadelphia moving companies for the very first time and hence, have no idea how to hire the best moving companies and also the concept of frauds and scams is new to you, then you need to be very cautious. To make you relocate ready, here are some tips listed that you should keep in mind which hiring the moving company and while availing the moving services as well so that they do not charge extra amount from you and you get all the privileges of hiring moving service providers.

So, check out the points given below:

Movers and Packers in Philadelphia- Moving Services

The moving services that are offered by the international moving companies in Philadelphia are the one aspect that is making the movers and packers more amazing and helpful that not only makes the moving and shifting easier but also helps the movers to have a better moving experience and that too without going high on the budget.

But, not only all moving companies are offering all the moving services to the movers; and that is why; here are some amazing moving services listed that should be asked from the Philadelphia movers while hiring them. So, let us have a look at the moving services that will make the moving and shifting an easier and hassle-free one:

Local moving services

Local moving services are the moving services that will help the movers to move to a new house or apartment within the Philadelphia area easily and hassle-freely.

Long-distance moving services

Long-distance moving services are the type of services that are offered by the moving companies to help the movers in planning the move from Philadelphia to another city smoothly and hassle-freely.

Labor services

The labor services that are offered by the movers in Philadelphia are there for assisting the individuals in every task like packing, moving, loading, unloading, arranging, and so on that will make the overall job of moving and shifting from Philadelphia, the US an easier and hassle-free one.

Residential moving services

Residential moving services are helpful for easier and simpler shifting of homes and apartments from Philadelphia to any new local area, or to a new city, or to any new county as well.

Office moving services

Office relocating services are the services that are offered by the Philadelphia movers so that the movers can shift and relocate the office area and office accessories carefully and safely.

Commercial moving services

For all the movers who are willing to relocate their commercial area with staff and all the belongings and office accessories like furniture cupboards, electronics, systems, and other stuff, this moving service will be very useful for sure.

Packing and unpacking services

Packing and unpacking of the stuff whether it is household, furniture, closet, or office accessories like electronics, plants, and other stuff is indeed a daunting job to do and that is why; this moving service will turn out to be very useful.

Loading and unloading services

After packing all the items carefully with good quality packing material, the next thing to focus on is the correct way to load all the items in the moving truck so that the belongs and valuables can be transported securely and safely from Philadelphia to the new location.

Transportation services

What type of vehicle should be chosen for the relocation and other duties can come across while moving also plays an important role and thus, we are offering the customers with the needed transportation services.

Storage and warehousing services

The movers and packers in Philadelphia listed on Thepackersmovers.com are also offering the movers with storage and warehousing services so that the valuables can be stored securely in the warehouse during the long-distance move.

Long Distance Movers in Philadelphia- Hiring Cost and Charges

Size of MoveCost of Moving
1 Bedroom$430
2 Bedroom, Large$750
3 Bedroom$1090
4 Bedroom$1360
5 Bedroom$2320

International Movers in Philadelphia- Cost Affecting Factors

The cost of moving estimated by the movers and packers in Philadelphia in the US depends on various factors that are affecting the cost of moving. Some of them are listed below:

Size of the move: The final charge of moving from Philadelphia is influenced by the size of the move it will take more time to Pack more items and to load more items as well and thus, more will be the items to be relocated, more will be the cost of relocation.

Transportation charges: The distance from the old location in Philadelphia to the new location will directly affect the cost of moving as it will influence the transportation charges like the cost of fuel, labor cost, and other factors. So, the more the distance, the more will be the cost of moving.

Packing charges: The cost of packing items also affect the cost of moving as more will be the items, more manpower will be required to pack the belongings, and also, the cost of packing material that will be used to pack the items will increase the cost of relocation.

Storage and warehousing services: For the long-distance or interstate move, the storage and warehousing services are availed, and that increases the cost of relocation.

Why Hire Philadelphia Movers from Thepackersmovers.com?

Well, the market for moving firms is very wide and here, every second moving firm is claiming that they are having the best and genuine movers and packers in Philadelphia. But, it is your call which firm you are choosing to hire reliable and trustworthy moving companies. Here, Thepackersmovers.com is one such commendable and most recognized moving firm that can be considered for availing the moving services in Philadelphia.

Some of the reasons why anyone should choose Thepackersmovers.com are given below:

Moving Companies in Philadelphia- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the cost of hiring movers in Philadelphia?

2. Which is the best place to hire Philadelphia moving companies?

Well, there are many online and office moving firms listed from where you can hire trusted and reliable moving companies. One of them is Thepackersmovers.com that is working in this field for the past many years and all the moving companies listed here are experienced and professionals that will make the task of moving an easier one.

3. What items cannot be moved with moving companies?

Well, the moving companies in Philadelphia provide amazing packing and moving services. But, there are certain items that cannot be moved through moving companies, and some of them are listed below:

  • Plants
  • Hazardous liquids
  • Pets
  • Explosive items
  • Flammable items
  • Expensive items

4. What things should be known before hiring Philadelphia moves?

The legal documents of the moving company

  • Moving services
  • Experience
  • Transparency
  • Customer reviews

5. What is a pre-move survey?

A pre-move survey is the process in which the movers and packers have a look at the items that are to be moved and on the basis of the survey, the relocation price is quoted.

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