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Movers in San Antonio

Movers in San Antonio

With more than 10 years of experience, the moving companies in San Antonio are one of the biggest and most experienced movers in San Antonio. The companies enlisted here on this portal provide local and interstate moving with expertly formally dressed workers that are benevolent, polite, and will deal with your possessions like their own. We make a solid effort to present to you the best help notwithstanding presenting to you the best cost on your move. Our San Antonio movers set aside the effort to clarify the moving cycle and unveil everything forthright so you can feel sure and have a legitimate desire for what kind of relocation services we will offer. Hire now!!!

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Top 10 Movers in San Antonio List

  • All Pro Moving

    1240 Bandera Road , San Antonio TX, 78228

    All Pro Moving is a family owned and operated moving company in San Antonio. As a family owned and experienced moving, we love to serve our customer with the best and safe moving services. Our comp..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Nicks Parley

    All Pro Moving was amazing, and very professional. I was able to move all my stuff in such a short amount of time! They also made sure my furniture was not damaged and was safe when transported. Super happy with their service.

  • Texas Best Movers

    8482 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio TX, 78229

    Texas Best Movers is a fast, reliable and affordable San Antonio moving company. Our company is locally owned and operated family business. We provide best services and we always stand by our name,..

  • A-1 Freeman Moving Group

    1618 Cornerway Blvd., San Antonio TX, 78219

    A-1 Freeman Moving Group is an experienced moving company in San Antonio. The roots of our company in firmly planted in a culture of honesty, commitment, integrity and hard work. Our company was e..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Roberts Charles

    I used the A-1 Freeman Moving Group this past Friday. They were awesome!!!

  • All My Sons Moving and Storage

    10725 I-35 Frontage Rd, San Antonio TX, 78233

    All My Sons Moving and Storage company is one of the trusted and experienced moving company in San Antonio. The founding principles of our company truly continue to guide us. We are a family-owned ..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Margaret Rodriguez

    I used All My Sons Moving and Storage to move a small amount of furniture. They treated me as if I were about to spend thousands of dollars! They were kind, courteous and professional! Their crew didn’t stop until the job was completed. And it was hot and humid! I would recommend them to everyone who needs the job done correctly and efficiently. I will use them again.

  • Heritage Moving & Storage

    13709 Topper Cir, San Antonio TX, 78233

    Heritage Moving and Storage is a reliable and trusted family owned and operated moving company in San Antonio. We provide a first-class and safe moving experience to our incredible customers. Our t..

    based on 2.0 Reviews

    Marie Lori

    Very professional. The movers were respectful, arrived on time and packed everything very nicely. Even though they had to carry stuff to the third floor, Movers never complained. Prices are very reasonable and the company honors their estimate. We are very happy with the movers.

  • Half Price Movers

    11031 Perrin Beitel, San Antonio TX, 78217

    Half Price Movers is a family owned and operated moving company in San Antonio since 1979. Our company has all the services and boxes to meet the customer’s budget for their moving requirements. Fo..

    based on 2.0 Reviews


    Just used them to move some larger items from my old house to my new. All my furniture was wrapped and carefully loaded. We didn’t notice any damage after the delivery so we are very happy.

  • Mustard Seed Moving Company

    13822 Bent Ridge Drive, San Antonio TX, 78249

    Mustard Seed Moving Company is trusted moving company of San Antonio. Our company was started in 2006 with the aim to provide our clients with the honest and safe moving services. Here are few thin..

  • Magnum Movers

    10438 Tiger Field, San Antonio TX, 78251

    Magnum Movers is a full-service moving company in San Antonio. Our company works with proper honesty and dedication to make to move reliable for our customer. We will provide you with a quality moving..

  • Ward North American

    17275 Green Mountain Road, San Antonio TX, 78247

    Ward North American is an industry-leadingmoving company in San Antonio. Our company provide the 1.3 million residents and businesses of San Antonio with the reliable and top-class quality moving a..

  • Budget Movers

    15279 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio TX, 78247

    Budget Movers is a locally owned and operated moving company in San Antonio since 1981. We provide local, interstate and nationwide moving services. Our company work with the goal to take all the p..

    based on 2.0 Reviews


    The movers were very efficient and professional. Everything arrived at the destination in perfect condition, boxes were placed in labeled rooms, and they even set my bed up for me.

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Some Interesting Facts about San Antonio

Hiring Guide for Hassle-Free Hiring of Movers in San Antonio

Finding the perfect San Antonio movers that can assist you in relocating your living and working place safely and securely from one location to another is very much important as the process of relocation can be a lot more difficult than you think it is and this, you will get to know when you will start doing the moving chores like packing, finding the vehicle of shifting households and stuff, etc as this will be the time when you will face the ground reality of moving over the excitement and butterflies that you must be feeling in your stomach at the time of planning to shift to a new location.

At Thepackersmovers.com, we always feel proud of ourselves and of the quality of moving services we are offering to our esteemed customers. We are one of the significant and recognized San Antonio movers who have been working in this field for the past years and have gained name and fame by safely and securely moving the families in San Antonio. On our website, the moving companies that are listed are all registered and having skills to carry our every type of move whether it is a local move or the interstate move or the corporate one and that too without going high on the budget.

So, if you have also decided to move to a whole new location, then we are the one whom you can trust for hiring trusted, reliable, dedicated, professional, experiences, and professional movers and packers in San Antonio that will not only assist you in relocation but will also give their best to make the process an easier and relaxing one for you so that you can have the best experience of relocation. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly hire the San Antonio van lines online from one and only Thepackersmovers.com!!

Quoted Moving Price by Professional San Antonio Movers

Size of MoveNumber of MoversMoving Cost per HourTotal Cost of Moving
Studio2 movers$50$330
1 Bedroom2 movers$52$380
2 Bedroom, Large3 movers$62$605
3 Bedroom4 movers$80$845
4 Bedroom4 movers$82$1010
5 Bedroom5 movers$105$1600

San Antonio moving cost is given above. But, the one thing before considering this cost as a base is that the charges given here are only approximate charges. These are not fixed. They are meant for an idea about the cost only. The actual cost is calculated based on some important factors and the international moving team will let you know the moving cost after the pre-move survey when they have inspected every knock and corner of your house. So, to know the exact cost of moving from San Antonio, it is very important to focus on the cost-affecting factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving from San Antonio

As it is mentioned very clearly that the moving cost depends on certain factors based on which the international moving companies in San Antonio quote the moving price. So, for all everyone who is planning to take assistance from the relocation companies, they should be having a clear concept about the cost-affecting factors so that they can know how the cost is calculated.

So, without any more waiting, let us have a look at the major cost-affecting factors:

Distance between the old location and the new location

It is a simple fact that more will be the distance, more fuel will be required to transport the items and thus, the cost of moving will be increased. That is why; if your destination is far away from the initial location or the old location, then the cost of moving will be more.

The manpower required

The cost of moving also depends on the fact that how much manpower is required to move all the households and office stuff. And, if you are having more items or your type of move is complicated that requires more manpower, then this will cost more eventually.

Quantity of inventory

This is also a very simple fact that more will be the items to be moved, more manpower will be required and hence, the cost of moving will automatically increase in this case as well. That is why; it is always recommended to de-clutter before the pre-move survey so that you can get rid of unwanted stuff that will also help in reducing the cost of moving.

Type of packing material used

For a safe and secure move, it is very much needed to pack your belongings properly with good quality packing material and the cost of packing with good quality packing material will be of the higher side for sure as the packing material is expensive.

Loading and Unloading cost

The second factor that affects the safety and security of moving is the way in which the items are loaded in the vehicle. And, that is why; the movers in San Antonio are offering loading and unloading services to the movers as well so that they can be sure of the best and relaxing moving experience.

Availability of the lift at the destination

If the location at which your home or office is does not have a lift, then the moving team has to use stairs for loading the stuff and that will increase the manpower and the cost of moving will automatically increase in this case as well.

Moving services are chosen

The cost of moving also depends on the type and the number of moving services you have chosen for your move as more the services, more will be the cost of moving. And also, there are some services that are more expensive than the other and hence, each service adds more cost eventually. Like if you have chosen goods insurance service, then it will surely add more to your moving cost in San Antonio.

Type of move

If you are moving to a local area in San Antonio, then the cost of moving will be less, of course, and if you are moving to any new city, then the movers in San Antonio will cost more than the prior one, and that is why; the type of move also affect the cost of moving your home or office from one place to another.

So, when you are searching for the moving company to plan your move, then it is very important to pay attention or to consider all these factors, as well as they, are going to affect your moving cost to a large extent, for sure.

Commendable Moving Services Offered by San Antonio Movers

The one and only thing that makes the moving companies more admirable and considerable is the moving services that they provide their customers for assistance in their relocation process. And, that is why; the first and foremost thing that customers look for in a San Antonio van line is the types of moving services the company is offering.

All the international moving companies in San Antonio enlisted on Thepackersmovers.com are known for the moving services that they are offering their customers to make the hassled and daunting task of moving and relocating from San Antonio to the new location an easier and sorted one. So, let us have a look at the moving services offered by the movers and packers in San Antonio:

Local Moving

Local moving is a type of move in which the home and the office is relocated from one local area to another within San Antonio. We at Thepackersmovers.com is offering professionally trained and background checked international moving companies that will ensure that your belongings and valuables will be handled with care during the move.

Residential Moving

Relocating from your old home to a new one is indeed a tough job to do as there will be moments when you will be emotional and want to have some time with your friends and neighbors. But, in the hassles of moving and shifting, it will be very difficult to get time. But, not with Thepackersmovers.com as from here, you can avail of residential moving service by hiring the moving companies for the assistance.

Corporate Moving

All the moving companies listed here on Thepackersmovers.com are the professional and reliable movers and packers in San Antonio that will assist you in moving your corporate office from one location to another very easily and affordably while you can have a cup of hot stirring coffee with your clients and business associates. From the furniture to the IT equipment, everything can be relocated hassle-freely from San Antonio.

Storage and Warehousing

If you are the one who is moving a long distance from San Antonio to a whole new city, then the most needful moving service that you must go for is indeed storage and warehousing service as while covering such a large distance during the intercity relocation, it will be very much needed to store the valuables securely and safely and for this, we at Thepackersmovers.com is offering the customers with the warehouse so that they can store their belongings safely.

Long-Distance Moving

Whether it is about moving across the town or to another country, the moving companies that are specialized in moving home or office from one city to another or from one country to another will come in very handy. These companies are having experience in handling all the problems that came in the path like custom tax, packing, boarding, shipping, and so on so that the customers can have a better and relaxing moving experience.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing all the household stuff safely and securely is the best way to make sure that you move in successful and hassle-free and that is why; everyone prefers to hire the moving companies for the packing services and, we are also known to have many years of experience in the moving industry for packing items securely. We are offering a variety of packing services to assist the customers in wrapping up everything from just a few items to the entire house or corporate business.

Furniture Rearranging

Whether it is about relocating your home or office either from San Antonio or to San Antonio, shifting your furniture from one place to another will surely be a daunting job for you to do as it is not at all an easy job and if you are thinking that it only requires manpower, then you must know that it requires technique as well that only an experienced mover can handle. That is why; whether you are staging the home or rearranging the furniture; we are here to get the job done right with our team of experienced and professional moving companies. From gun safes to the refrigerators to the large pieces of furniture; everything can be moved by our movers who are well trained in moving the large or bulky items.

Boxes & Supplies

For a successful and safe move of your home or office from San Antonio to any new location either locally or to any new city, it is very much important to be ensured about that fact that are you having the right supplies or not that will be needed to complete your home or business relocation hassle-free? And, to make this job an easier one for you, we are here to get you covered with our essential supplied of the moving boxes and packing materials so that your valuables will be safe during the move.

Why Hire Movers and Packers in San Antonio from Thepackersmovers.com?

Well, everyone knows the fact that the number of frauds and scams in the moving firm is increasing day by day as the demand for these companies are increasing and that is why; it is very much needed to be extra cautious while hiring the moving companies for your move whether it is about home relocation or the office relocation or the vehicle relocation from one location in San Antonio to another. And, when it is stated that you should be extra cautious while hiring San Antonio movers, the first and foremost thing that can be calculated from this is that everyone should hire international moving companies from a trusted and reliable firm that is having a good and decent track record. And, that is why; Thepackersmovers.com has gained so much name and fame in this firm.

Now, if you are confused about why to hire San Antonio movers from here i.e. Thepackersmovers.com, then some of the most valid and obvious reasons are given below. Let us have a look at the list:

International Moving Companies in San Antonio- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the cost of hiring movers in San Antonio?

2. What is the right time to hire San Antonio van lines?

So, if you have decided to relocate your place or office from San Antonio, then the right time for approaching the moving company is at least one month before moving so that you don’t have to face a last-minute hike in the moving cost.

3. How can we reduce the moving cost in San Antonio?

The following steps can be taken into consideration for reducing the moving cost in San Antonio:

  • Always prefer to shift during the off season
  • De-clutter all your home and office stuff before moving to the new location
  • Try and arrange packaging material like boxes and cartons on your own
  • Prefer to hire affordable and within budget moving companies
  • Do all the packing of households on your own

4. How to identify fraud and scam San Antonio moving companies?

There are certain things that should be seen in a moving company to recognize whether it is a fraud or a genuine one. So, let us have a look at some factors:

  • A fraud moving company will not be having its license
  • The availability of moving services at a cheap rate is also a sign that the moving company can be a fraud.
  • If the company is demanding a one-time payment, then do not hire that company
  • If the company lacks a proper and official company logo, this means that the company is not legal
  • Also, if the company is not having its own office, then also you can have thought that the company is not genuine and registered

5. Where to hire genuine movers in San Antonio?

Well, with the increased need for moving companies, the number of frauds and scams have also increased and that is why; it is always advised to hire the moving companies from a known and recognized moving firm like Thepackersmovers.com that are having a track record of registering only verified and experienced movers not only in San Antonio but also all over the world. So, for everyone who is searching for a reliable and genuine San Antonio moving companies, Thepackersmovers.com is indeed the best place to try.

6. What are the advantages of hiring movers in San Antonio?

All the associated movers in San Antonio listed on Thepackersmovers.com are professionals and are having experience in handling all the moving hassles like a pro. These van lines are offering various amazing moving services that make the moving job an easier and hassle-free one and that too without going high on the budget and also without wasting much time.

7. What are the items that cannot be moved by San Antonio movers?

The moving companies cannot assist in moving pets, plants, hazardous substances, flammable substances, and perishable food items from San Antonio to any other location.

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