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Have you recently gone through a home shifting and want to decorate your new living room? Or do you just want to spruce up your living room after some years to give it a new and fresh look? Either way, you must choose the right set of colors that will bring a big change to your living room. Certain combinations of colors are a treat for the eyes, which help uplift one’s mood. On the other hand, some color combinations turn out to be rather dull or gloomy.

If you want some ideas for color combinations for the living room, you are at the right place. Here we have listed down 10 two-color combinations which will beautify your hall. Have a look and decide which one you will pick.

Yellow and blue

Yellow and blue color for living room walls

When looking for a modern two-colour combination for the living room, why not go for the evergreen duo, blue and yellow? This is one of the best pairs of colors that will enhance your living room’s look, with blue representing waters and yellow representing the sunshine and a sense of joy and cheerfulness. Not just the living room, this color combination can also go well with other parts of the room. To try something different, use textured wall paint in this color combination to beautify your living room.

Black and white

Black and white color for living room walls

No one can say no to the classic color combination of black and white for a living room. It’s a type of combination that will suit all types of living rooms, big or small. You can start painting the walls with crisp white color and then add black to make the combination look bold. This color combination will bring your living room a chic and contemporary look. You can even give a modern vibe to your room by adding some metallic gold or copper-hued lamp, lights, or furniture.

Purple and grey

Purple and grey color for living room walls

Another unique wall color combination for living room to go for is the duo of purple and grey. The neutral grey and vibrant purple hue will create a sophisticated and distinguished look for your living room. It will keep the overall atmosphere of your hall inviting but also neutral. It’s one of the most loved color combinations that will be the new trend.

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Pink with Black

Pink with Black color for living room walls

Do you want your living room to look vibrant but also classy? If yes, then this combination of colors is for you. You can add a fresh, bubbly, and uplifting mood to the room by painting it pink. Adding the black color will bring class and sophistication to the living room. You can even add indoor potted plants, pendant lights on the ceilings, etc., to add elegance to the room. For more suggestions, you can even refer to professional interior decorators.

Green and grey

Green and grey color for living room walls

Green and grey are among the best color combinations for living room walls. Sometimes minimalist rooms with pastel color schemes can look very boring. But choosing this color combination can make the room look livelier and more soothing. Green and grey are popular color combinations for any room. The color green is associated with nature. Hence it will bring a sense of greenery and freshness to your living room.

On the other hand, grey will complement green and add a serene vibe to the room. This combination can also work brilliantly for bedrooms and other settings in the house. You can also adorn the living room by placing indoor plants.

Teal and white

Teal and white color for living room walls

A room with a white color may seem very boring and monotonous. Why not give a touch of glam with some teal? Another beautiful two-color combination for a living room that you can choose is white with teal. You can paint the accent wall with teal color and paint textures. This color combination will give your living room a feel of nature with glam.

Brown and cream

Brown and cream color for living room walls

Are you looking for a contemporary but classic two color combination for living room walls? If so, then choose this combination of cream and brown. This combo of colors will bring a sense of warmth, harmony, and sophistication to your living room. You can keep the walls brown and the ceiling cream for a warm and cozy vibe in the hall. You can add a rug and wooden furniture to complement this color combination.

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Pastel pink and turquoise

Pastel pink and turquoise color for living room walls

Looking for a playful and bold two colour combination for living room? Then choose soft pink with turquoise combination, as these are the best light paint colors for living room. It’s a versatile pair of colors that will adorn any room in your house. Paint your living room walls with this gorgeous set of colors to showcase your inner cheerful personality. You can also spruce up the living room with geometric pattern cushions or artwork. Be ready to get lots of compliments from your guests for this gorgeous living room color combination.

Orange with white

Orange with white color for living room walls

A combination that evokes a sense of laughter and joy is orange with white. The orange will elevate your living room’s energy, happiness, and liveliness, while the white hue will bring a sense of calm and balance. Orange and white are the popular color combinations for living room walls. So, choose this color combination to give your home a whole new look and feel.

Grey and brown

Grey and brown color for living room walls

We all agree that sitting in a park surrounded by lush green trees makes us feel calm and peaceful. Why not bring that same feeling to your living room? It can be done by renovating your living room with green and brown colors. Your living room will give you a fresh feel, the sense of being in nature, from the comfort of your living room.

And these were the 10 best two color combinations for the living room. Your living room may be of the same color for so long. It’s time to jazz it up with different combinations of colors. Add color and vibrancy to the room and some decorative items. Your guests will be delighted with your beautiful living room.

Pratiksha Priya