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Are you about to relocate your precious car from your current city to another one soon? If your answer is yes, then it is going to a tough job for you.

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There are many alternatives available to ship your car to another city like hiring a car trailer from a trucking company or choosing a reputed and experienced car transportation companies for complete car relocation services depending on your pockets. But, there are some useful tips which you can follow before you go ahead to hire a car shipping company for your car relocation to have a successful and safe vehicle moving experience.

1. Choose method of shipment wisely

Choose method of shipment wisely

There are two popular methods to ship a car to another city – open and enclosed trailers. Open trailers are the ones that are inexpensive but there is a high risk of damage due to bad weather or accidents, or theft of the vehicle. In open trailers or car carriers, the cars are fastened using chains for security which can lead to scratches and dents on your vehicle. Moreover, if the chain loosens, there is a risk of the car collapsing.

An enclosed car container use wheel nets or nylon straps to protect your vehicle from damages. Such car carriers are protected from all sides and the chances of damages or theft is much less. Car transport companies use the best enclosed carriers for your car transportation for safe movement of your vehicle. So, ensure you pick the best moving vehicle for your car to get the safe delivery.

2. Read customer reviews properly

Read customer reviews properly

When you are transporting your car to another city or country, you need an assistance of a good car carrier services that can safely move your vehicle to the right destination. This procedure involves a good deal of expenses from your end and therefore, you should always hire a car transport company that is professional, trusted, and experienced and have positive customer reviews ensuring good quality services. So, don’t forget to have a look at the ratings and reviews of the former customers on all the websites to ensure you have hire a reliable car shipping company.

3. Be cautious of auto transport brokers

Be cautious of auto transport brokers

Auto transport brokers are companies that help people find a car transport service provider for their vehicle transportation. When you are hiring an auto transport broker, you are not aware about the car carrier company the broker will hire for you. It is unfortunate to say that people suffer when they avail the services of auto transport brokers who hire car carrier companies with low-skilled drivers and poor customer services. Vehicle transport companies chosen by auto transport brokers use ramps rather than hydraulic lift gates leading to damages to your vehicle. Moreover, you need to get in touch with two companies.

4. Avoid giving a deposit

Avoid giving a deposit

Beware of giving any deposit to the car transport services. A reputed and professional car packing and moving company will not ask for any deposit and asks for the payment when the vehicle is picked up or dropped at the destination. You can refuse to take their services anytime when you find the company administration is not up to the mark.

5. Never trust cheap car moving prices

Never trust cheap car moving prices

There are all kinds of car shipping companies in the logistics industry that offer services at cheap, affordable, and higher prices. But, it is up to you which company you will hire based on your budget. Comprising the quality of services just because of the budget can also compromise the safety of your vehicle. An unprofessional car transport company may offer cheap car moving estimates to lure you to avail their services and later damage your vehicle. The pricing of such companies speaks lengths about their experience, equipment, and level of service.

6. Read the insurance policies thoroughly

Read the insurance policies thoroughly

Hiring a vehicle transport company that offers insurance services on your car to protect you against the financial losses during the transit is always a good choice. Make sure you read the terms and conditions stated in the insurance policy really well to avoid any confusion later on. Have a closer look at the compensation amount they will give in case there is damage to your car.

7. Communicate your vehicle moving needs to the company

Communicate your vehicle moving needs to the company

Majority of the vehicle transport companies need a certain period of time to schedule a car pickup and delivery as there are arrangements to be made for the vehicle transportation between two cities or countries. A minimum time frame of 5-7 days is required by the company to plan your car move as there are several variables like weather, customer specific needs, and traffic congestion that can impact this procedure. If a customer has any specific deadline for the delivery of their vehicle to the new city or country, then it should be communicated to the car shipping company in advance. This can increase your vehicle transportation cost.

8. Prepare your car for shipping

Prepare your car for shipping

After you have shortlisted a car shipping company, it is time to prepare your car for long-distance transportation. Make sure there is some fuel or gas in your car to load and unload your vehicle from the trailer. Also ensure that your car battery is also charged and the tires are properly inflated. If you avoid taking care of any of these before your car moves, you will be charged extra for these services. Check for any leaks in your car and in case you find any, get them repaired.

Remove all the extra items from your vehicle to avoid any damage inside the car.

9. Explain additional features of your car

Explain additional features of your car

Communicate all the quirky features about your car to the car shipping company like alarms, kill switches, brakes, etc. This information about your car will help them in easy shipping off your vehicle between the two cities or countries and reduce your moving cost. You can also give these instructions in writing to the company for better understanding. Also remove charging cables, GPS devices, music system, etc. from your four-wheeler.

10. Detailed inspection of car

Detailed inspection of car

When you vehicle is picked up by the driver of the vehicle transport company, he will inspect your car and note down any current damages, marks, dents, or scratches. After the vehicle is successfully delivered to you, you should check your car thoroughly and take note of any damage during vehicle transportation before signing the bill of lading. In case you notice any damages, you can claim compensation from the vehicle shipping company.

The Ending Note

Car shipping is a complicated procedure for anyone. So, there are multiple things to check before hiring a car shipping company for you to ensure that your vehicle is delivered safely to the new destination. So, the things mentioned above will help you plan secure and perfect car relocation from your current location to the new one with zero complexities.

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