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Shifting to a new house is the most important decision which a person or family takes in life. And, we don’t want any bad luck or misfortune to affect this moment of happiness.

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We just want to ensure that only joy and prosperity resides in the new home where every member of the family remains healthy and happy.

For this, people select an auspicious day to shift into their new homes and perform a Griha Pravesh ceremony with proper rituals to ensure only positivity and success stays in it and negativity or evil forces are kept at bay. As per the Hindu traditions, performing this ceremony on an auspicious day based on the Hindu lunar calendar or Panchang will bring health, wealth, and happiness in the new home.

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Kinds of Griha Pravesh

There are three kinds of Griha Pravesh Puja that are performed in the Indian households based on the category of home they are shifting into.

1. Apurva Griha Pravesh for a “new home”

Apurva griha pravesh

This kind of a Griha Pravesh puja is performed when a person or a family shifts into a new home for the first time. This house can be a newly constructed one or an old one.

2. Sapurva Griha Pravesh for re-entry in old home

Sapurva griha pravesh for reeentry in old home

Sapurva Griha Pravesh is performed when a person or a family comes back to their home lying vacant for a long period. This Puja also takes place when people shift into a home in which people were residing before.

3. Dwandwa Griha Pravesh for reconstructed/renovated homes

Dwandwa griha pravesh

When people shift to a house after its reconstruction or renovation, then Dwandwa Griha Pravesh is performed. Reconstruction work in homes after damages in natural calamities also comes under this category.

How is Griha Pravesh Puja performed?

Griha Pravesh Puja is a religious ceremony in which worship of the deity is performed before shifting to a new home. This ceremony is conducted to ward off any negative energies and bringing happiness and prosperity in the new place. Griha Pravesh comprises of two main rituals- Vastu Pooja and Hawan Shanti to bless the new home with peace and opulence.

How is griha pravesh puja performed

Here are the following steps to perform Griha Pravesh ceremony successfully-

  • Finding an auspicious date: According to the Hindu traditions, there are certain dates mentioned in the Hinducalendar or Panchang which are considered auspicious to make an entry in the new home. There are four months in the lunar calendar that arelauded to attract a great deal of good luck and prosperity – Magha, Phalguna, Baisakh, and Jyeshta. So, deciding a Griha Pravesh date in anyof these dates will benefit the entire family.
  • Decorations: Mango leaves and fresh marigold flowers are considered auspicious in the Hindu customs and rituals.Decorating all the doors of the house with garlands of the fresh flowers and mango leaves will bring positivity in the new home. Rangoli isalso made on the housewarming day to mark celebratory spirits. It is believed that a beautiful home will attract divine energies and joy.
  • Vaastu Puja: This Puja is performed before stepping in the new house. A Brahmin priest recites Mantras to appeasethe Vaastu deity and seek the blessings for a happier and healthier home. An ash guard is broken by the head of the family and a coconut bythe lady of the family and both are left at the threshold of the new house.
  • Kalash Puja: For this Puja, a copper pot is filled with water, nine different grains, and a coin, A red clothwrapped coconut is placed on top of the copper kalash with mago leaves at the cottom of the coconut. The priest chants sacred mantras to thiskalash. The man and the woman of the house carry this kalash inside the house putting their right foot first and leave it near the place ofthe Havana.
  • Havana: Also known as the Griha Shanti puja, this fire ritual is performed to eliminate the three sins committedduring the construction of your house – digging of the earth, cutting of trees, and breaking of stones. With the performance of this ceremony,people ask for forgiveness from God and seek the blessings of purification and protection. During this Puja, Lord Ganesha and Navgrahas areworshipped to remove negativities to purify the new home. Goddess Lakshmi is also worshipped to seek financial prosperity and well-being. People offer sacrificial offerings such as ghee, turmeric, rice, pumpkin, milk, etc. to the sacred fire to ensure the five elements attains a peaceful balance. Owners might also want to perform Ganpati Puja, or Satyanarayan Puja. These can be conducted after Vastu Shanti Hawan.
  • Boiling milk: After the Havana is completed successfully, the lady of the house boils the milk at a particulartime and let it spill over to signify abundance and wealth. It is first offered to the Kula devata and then to others.
  • Serving Meal to priest: After the Griha Pravesh Puja is performed successfully, the priest as well as theinvitees are offered a delicious meal.
  • Overnight presence: On the day of the Griha Pravesh, it is essential for the people to stay in the new houseovernight. An oil lamp must be kept burning to attract positive energies and divinity.
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Auspicious Griha Pravesh (गृह प्रवेश) Muhurat In 2020

Auspicious griha pravesh muhurat

Month Date Day Timings Nakshatra Tithi
January (Magha) January 29 Wednesday 12:14 pm to 7:11 am Uttara Bhadrapada Panchmi
  January 30 Thursday 7:11 am to 1:19 pm Uttara Bhadrapada Panchmi
February (Phalguna) February 3 Monday 12:52 am to 7:08 am Rohini Dashmi
  February 5 Wednesday 7:07 am to 9:30 pm Mrigashirsha Ekadashi
  February 13 Thursday 9:25 am to 8:46 pm Chitra Panchami
  February 26 Wednesday 6:50 am to 4:11 am Uttara Bhadrapada, Revathi Tritiya
March (Chaitra) March 9 Monday 1:09 am to 6:36 am Uttara Phalguni Pratipada
  March 11 Wednesday 7:00 pm to 6:34 am Chitra Tritiya
  March 12 Thursday 6:34 am to 11:58 am Chitra Tritiya
  March 18 Wednesday 1:01 pm to 6:26 am Uttara Ashadha Dashami, Ekadashi
  March 19 Thursday 6:26 am to 2:50 pm Uttara Ashadha Ekadashi
April (Vaisakha) April 25 Saturday 8:58 pm to 5:45 am Rohini Tritiya
  April 27 Monday 2:29 pm to 12:30 am Mrigashirsha Panchami
May(Jyeshtha) May 8 Friday 8:38 am to 5:34 am Anuradha Pratipada, Dwitiya
  May 18 Monday 5:29 am to 3:08 pm Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi
  May 23 Saturday 12:17 am to 5:26 am Rohini Dwitiya
June (Ashadha) June 15 Monday 5:23 am to 3:18 am Revati Dashami
July (Shraavana)


August (Bhadra)
September (Ashwin)
November (Kartik/Margasirsa) November 16 Monday 7:06 am to 2:37 pm Anuradha Dwitiya
  November 19 Thursday 9:39 am to 9:59 pm Uttara Ashadha Panchami
  November 25 Wednesday 6:52 am  to 05:10 am Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Ekadashi
  November 30 Monday 2:59 pm to 6:57 am Rohini Pratipada
December (Margasirsa/Paus) December 10 Thursday 10:51 am to 7:04 am Chitra Dashami, Ekadashi
  December 16 Wednesday 8:04 pm to 7:08 am Uttara Ashadha Tritiya
  December 17 Thursday 7:08 am to 03:17 pm Uttara Ashadha Tritiya
  December 23 Wednesday 8:39 pm to 4:33 am Revati Dashami

Griha Pravesh Puja Do’s & Don’ts

Griha pravesh puja dos donts

  • One should never move into a new home during the period of Holastak, which starts at eight days before Holi. This year Holastakfalls on 3rd March.
  • If you are planning to shift into your new house in the month of December, then perform Griha Pravesh in the starting days fallingin the lunar month of Margasirsa. Avoid doing the same in the month of Paush as it attracts bad fortune.
  • Griha Pravesh Puja must be performed after construction work in the new house is complete. Everything must be fixed and inplace.
  • Furniture must be brought in the new house after the successful completion of the Griha Pravesh Puja. Only a gas stove is allowedin the kitchen to boil the milk or make Prasad for the ceremony.
  • Breaking a coconut at the threshold is essential before entering the new house for the Griha Pravesh ceremony.
  • Always put your right foot forward to enter the new house for prosperity.
  • The idols of the Gods and Goddesses must be placed in an east facing direction in the house.
  • Decorate the entrance of your home with fresh flowers and mango leaves.
  • The house should not be left vacant on the of Griha Pravesh ceremony.
  • Griha Pravesh must not be performed in case the family is mourning the death of a close relative.
  • Do not hold the Griha Pravesh ceremony if any of the ladies of the family is pregnant.
  • Sprinkle the holy water with the mango leaf in every corner of the house.
  • Male members must step into the new house with their right leg.
  • Female members must step into the new house with their left leg.
  • Give Dakshina to a Brahmin or to someone poor.

Griha Pravesh during Chaitra Navratri

The nine days of Navratri are considered extremely auspicious by the people to perform the Griha Pravesh ceremony. Most of the people who are planning to move into their new home find this auspicious occasion a perfect one as it attracts positivity and prosperity. With Chaitra Navratri approaching in the month of March, many of you must be eager to shift during that time span to bless your new home with the blessings of Maa Durga.

But, here are few things which must be kept in mind before performing housewarming ceremony during the occasion of Chaitra Navratri.

1. Pacification of nine planets for Griha Shanti Puja during Navratri

  • Pratipada Tithi – Mars planet/ मंगल ग्रह
  • Dwitiya Tithi – Rahu planet/ राहु ग्रह
  • Tritiya Tithi – Jupiter planet/ बृहस्पति ग्रह
  • Chaturthi Tithi – Saturn planet/ शनि ग्रह
  • Panchami Tithi – Mercury planet/ बुध ग्रह
  • Shashti Tithi – Ketu/ केतु ग्रह
  • Saptami Tithi – Venus planet/ शुक्र ग्रह
  • Ashtami Tithi – Sun/ सूर्य
  • Navami Tithi – Moon/ चांद

2. Avoid performing Griha Pravesh Puja on Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday as fierce planets have stronger impacts on these days. In such cases, entering a new home may have negative implications.

3. It is important to enter the new home after placing Mangal Kalash (an earthen or brass pot) filled with water on the entrance of the house. Make a Swastika on the Kalash and keep five mango leaves on top of the Kalash.

4. Before entering the house, the head of the family must carry auspicious items like turmeric, coconut, rice, and jaggery.

5. After making the entry in the new home, it is important to install the idol of Lord Ganesha, Sri Yantra, and conch shell to welcome Goddess Laxmi into your new abode.

6. The man of the house must put his right leg and the woman of the house should put her left leg in the new home. Doing this will keep away any kind Vasstu Dosh from your new home.

7. To bring happiness and prosperity in the new house, keep a Kalash filled with water in the Northeast direction. While doing this, keep chanting Ganesha mantra. After this, you can install this Kalash in the place where Puja is to be performed.

8. Apart from the House of worship, it is also essential to purify the kitchen. Lit a diya and incense sticks in the kitchen and make the symbol of Swastika on the gas stove with the paste made with turmeric, kumkum, and rice.

9. Boil the milk as soon as you enter and let it overflow from the vessel to attract good fortune in the new home.

10. Keep Jaggery and green vegetables in the kitchen for positivity.

11. Offer food to the needy or the disciple of God to seek the blessings of God.

Griha Pravesh Invitation Messages

Moving into a new home is undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements for a family. Being such a special and heart-warming occasion for them, they love to celebrate this special occasion with their loved ones. For the celebration of the ceremony of housewarming or Griha Pravesh, they often send out invitations to their family and friends, and in return, the loved ones congratulate them by sending housewarming wishes and messages.

So, if you too want to invite your special people to your housewarming, then here are some suggestions of invitations of housewarming ceremony –

1. We sincerely request your presence on this blissful occasion of Grihapravesham.
Please come & have dinner with us…
Our dreams have been fulfilled with our new home.

2. We seek your cordial presence to share our happiness on the special occasion of our
Housewarming Party.

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3. Dear family & friends,
We warmly invite you to our Griha Pravesh ceremony.
Please bless our new home with your gracious presence.

4. हमारे गृह प्रवेश के शुभ अवसर पर आपका पूरा परिवार सादर आमंत्रित है I अपनी उपस्तिथि से हमारे परिवार को क्रतार्थ करें I

5. I cordially invite you to Gruha Pravesam Pooja and dinner party at our new home. It shall be an honor for our family to have your presence at our abode.

6. Dear friends & family,
It feels immense pleasure to invite you for Puja & Dinner on the occasion of GRIHA PRAVESH
of my new home!
Looking forward to your presence!

7. We finally shifted to our new paradise.
Please come & bless us with your gracious presence on our housewarming party.

8. It’s been a tough journey for us but in the end, it’s all worth it.
We’ve finally found a place to call HOME sweet HOME!
You are whole-heartedly invited to my housewarming party!

9. You are requested to take some time out of your busy life & bless us with your gracious presence on [date] as we celebrate the happiness of owning a new house.

10. Be our guest and bless us with your sweet presence and wise words. We are about to start a new phase in life in our new home. You are invited to our housewarming party!

Frequently Asked Questions – Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2020

1. Can we shift household items before griha pravesh puja?

No. Only gas cylinders and gas stoves are allowed in the new house before the performance of the Puja.

2. How to do Griha Pravesh Pooja for rented house?

It is up to the willingness of the tenant to perform this Puja in a rented home. A Vastu Shanti Hawan can be performed in the house to cast away any obstacles or negativity. 

3. How to do self Griha Pravesh Puja?

  • Look for an auspicious date for the Griha Pravesh ceremony.
  • On the date of the ceremony, clean the house properly and decorate the entrance with flowers and mango leaves garlands, andrangoli.
  • Enter your new home with a Lord Ganesha idol in your hand and place him in the north eastern corner of your house.
  • Place a water filled kalash with coconut and mango leaves on top, 2 oil lamps, sweets, fruits, and flowers in front of theidol.
  • Perform the Ganesha aarti with your closed ones and sprinkle the holy water with mango leaves in the whole house.
  • Switch on the gas stove and bring the milk to a boil and distribute the Prasad among everyone.
  • Stay in the new house for at least three days.

4. Is Saturday good for Griha Pravesh?

Though Saturday is counted among the auspicious days for Griha Pravesh ceremony, but it is also considered prohibited in some cases.

5. Why do we boil milk in new house?

According to the Hindu traditions, boiling milk on a new stove in a new vessel symbolizes abundance of prosperity. After it has boiled, it is offered to the deities and then to the guests in your home.

6. Which day is good for shifting to a new house?

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are good for shifting to a new house.

7. Can we shift house on Amavasya?

No. The day of Amavasya is considered unholy in Hinduism and no auspicious ceremonies are held on this day. So, you should avoid shifting into your new house on this day.

8. Is Tuesday a good day to move into a new house?

Tuesday is not considered as an auspicious day for entering into a new house.

9. Is it unlucky to move on a Friday?

Yes, Friday is considered as inauspicious to move into a new home.

10. Is hawan necessary for Griha Pravesh puja?

No, Hawan is not necessary, but in the Hindu traditions, this ceremony purifies the new home and attracts positive energies. That is why it is also called Griha Shanti Hawan.

11. Can Griha Pravesh be done after Diwali and before Holi?

It is better to shift in the new house anytime before Diwali as it is considered the most significant festival of the Hindus. Usually, people prefer shifting into their new house after Holi so that they can celebrate Diwali in their new home.

12. Which are the auspicious months for Griha Pravesh?

The first four months of the English calendar known as Magh, Phalgun, Baishak and Jaistha are regarded as auspicious months for Griha pravesh as they ensure prosperity and well being in terms of wealth, health and children.

13. What are auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in January 2020?

Basant Panchami 2020 falls on 29th and 30th January both of which are lauded as the most auspicious dates for the Griha Pravesh in January 2020.

14. What dates are auspicious for Griha Pravesh in February 2020?

  • 3 February, Monday at 12:52 am to 7:08 am
  • 5 February, Wednesday at 7:07 am to 9:30 pm
  • 13 February, Thursday at 9:25 am to 8:46 pm
  • 26 February, Wednesday at 6:50 am to 4:11 am

15. What are the best dates to do Griha Pravesh Puja in February 2020?

There are 5 auspicious dates which are considered auspicious in the month of February – 
  • 9 March, Monday at 1:09 am to 6:36 am
  • 11 March, Wednesday at 7:00 pm to 6:34 am
  • 12 March, Thursday at 6:34 am to 11:58 am
  • 18 March, Wednesday at 1:01 pm to 6:26 am
  • 19 March, Thursday at 6:26 am to 2:50 pm

16. On which dates can we perform Griha Pravesh in the month of March 2020?

You can perform Griha Pravesh Puja on: 
  • 25 April, Saturday at 8:58 pm to 5:45 am
  • 27 April, Monday at 2:29 pm to 12:30 am

17. What is the best date for Griha Pravesh in May 2020?

You can choose from the following 3 dates that are available in May: 
  • 8 May, Friday at 8:38 am to 5:34 am
  • 18 May, Monday at 5:29 am to 3:08 pm
  • 23 May, Saturday at 12:17 am to 5:26 am

18. What auspicious dates are there in June 2020 for Griha Pravesh?

15th June is the only date available in the month of June for Griha Pravesh Puja.

19. When can we shift in the month of July?

Sorry, but there are no auspicious dates available in the month of July for entering into a new home.

20. What is the Shubh Muhurat for shifting into a new home in August 2020?

August 2020 do not have any dates for the Griha Pravesh Puja.

21. What are Griha Pravesh Puja dates in September 2020?

The month of September in 200 will not have any auspicious dates for the performance of the Griha Pravesh Puja.

22. What is the best time to shift into a new house in October 2020?

There are no auspicious dates available in October 2020.

23. What is the Griha Pravesh muhurat in November 2020?

There are four dates which are available in the month of November in the year 2020. 
  • 16 November, Monday at 7:06 am to 2:37 pm
  • 19 November, Thursday at 9:39 am to 9:59 pm
  • 25 November, Wednesday at 6:52 am to 05:10 am
  • 30 November, Monday at 2:59 pm to 6:57 am

24. Which are the most auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in December 2020?

  • 10 December, Thursday at 10:51 am to 7:04 am
  • 16 December, Wednesday at 8:04 pm to 7:08 am
  • 17 December, Thursday at 7:08 am to 03:17 pm
  • 23 December, Wednesday at 7:08 am to 03:17 pm

25. वास्तु शांती पूजा के लिऐ क्या-क्या चीज़े अनिवार्य है?

  • शुभ वार जैसे की सोमवार, बुधवार, गुरुवार, एवं शुक्रवार
  • शुभ तिथि – शुक्लपक्ष की द्वितीया, तृतीया, पंचमी, सप्तमी, दशमी, एकादशी, द्वादशी, व त्रयोदशी
  • शुभ नक्षत्र – रोहिणी, अश्विनी, मृगशिरा, पुष्य, हस्त, चित्रा, उत्तराभाद्रपद, उत्तराषाढा, उत्तरा फाल्गुनी, रेवती, श्रवण, धनिष्ठा, पुनर्वसु, अनुराधा और स्वाति

26. गृहशांति पूजा न करवाने के क्या नुकसान हैं?

  • घर में सदेव कलह-कलेश होना
  • सेहत पर बुरा असर होना
  • घर में बरकत की कमी होना

27. पंचांग के अनुसार किन नक्षत्रों को गृह प्रवेश के लिए अशुभ माना जाता है?

  • कृत्तिका, भरणी, मघा और आश्लेषा नक्षत्र अशुभ होते हैं।

To begin your life with the blessings of God at your new home, it is advised to consider Griha Pravesh Muhurt 2021. So, visit our exclusive write-up and see your life growing and glowing.

The Ending Note

Performing a Griha Pravesh ceremony in 2020 and 2021 with cheer and enthusiasm was quite a challenging job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, this year, situation is much under control now and you can now plan the entry in your new home in the company of your loved ones during an auspicious Griha Pravesh muhurat 2022 not forgetting the safety measures.

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