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All the Shiv bhaktas look forward to the beginning of the auspicious month of Sawan or Shravan. The month of Sawan or Sravana belongs to the beloved Mahadev, and it is believed that in this Month, Lord Shiva blesses his worshipers in abundance and grants them their choicest wishes.

But there are more things to know about the holy month of Sawan than just knowing it belongs to Lord Shiva. Let us discuss in detail the importance of Sawan’s lunar month and understand its significance. Let us also find out when Sawan is starting in 2024 and on which dates you can fast and perform Puja for Shiv Ji to get his special blessings.

What is Sawan ka Pawan Mahina?

Sawan in English means monsoon, so Sawan ka Mahina means the month of monsoon in English. There are multiple reasons why Sawan or Shravan has a lot of importance in Hindu mythology and religion, and people celebrate the commencement of Sawan every year.

To understand why Sravana is celebrated so enthusiastically every year, one has to go back in time and reminisce about the famous historical incident when Gods and Demons churned the ocean to obtain the nectar of immortality. And before they could get their hand at the nectar of immortality or ‘Amrit’ from the ocean, they received many other things from the ‘Sagar Manthan,’ including the deadliest poison of all time called ‘halahal.’

To prevent the ’hala hal’ poison from destroying the universe, someone has to accept it by drinking it. When no other Dev or God came forward to drink ‘Halahal ka Vish’ Devo ke Dev Mahadev decided to save the universe by drinking the poison for the greater good.

After drinking the poison, his wife, Goddess Parvati, helped him handle it by stopping it in his neck or ‘Kanth.’ That incident gave him a blue neck and the title of ‘Neelkanth.’ Neelkanth means the one with a blue throat.

After Mahadev drank halahal ka Vish, the Amrit, or nectar of immortality, finally came out of the ocean, and all the gods and demigods drank the nectar to become immortal. All this took place in the holy month of Sawan, which is why Sawan has great importance in Hindu mythology.

Apart from this, there is also a mention of Shivji visiting his in-law’s house in the holy month of Sawan. Lastly, there is also a famous belief that Lord Vishnu goes to ‘Yog Nidra’ or sleeps during the month of Sawan. He hands over the universe’s responsibility to Mahadev, which is why the month of Sawan is celebrated with so much enthusiasm by the Hindu population across the globe.

How do people celebrate Sawan ka Mahina in different parts of India?

How do people celebrate Sawan ka Mahina in different parts of India?

Remember the heart-warming story of Shivji we narrated above? Since Shivji had to drink Halahal ka Vish to save the universe and go through a tough time, his devotees could not see their beloved God in pain, which is why the ritual of Kavad yatra started ever after that incident.

The significance of the Kavad yatra is to offer Ganga Jal, or water from the Ganges to Shivalya, so that the suffering of Shivji due to consuming the poison can be cured. Every year during Shravan, people who worship Mahadev do kavad yatra and bring Ganga jal to pour it on Shiv ji and thank him for always saving the universe from all sorts of challenges.

This is practiced all across India. If someone cannot fetch water from the Ganga River, they offer the Ganga Jal present at their home to Shiv ji but seldom does any Hindu forgets to perform this ritual during the month of Sravana.

Apart from this, people also fast, perform Rudra Abhishek, read sacred books, and worship Shiv ji in multiple ways to seek his blessings and offer Mahadev their sincere love, respect, and care towards their favorite God.

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When is Shravan starting in 2024?

Shiv devotees are overjoyed to know that the month of Sawan is much longer than usual this year. It is almost double the duration in 2024. While Sravana usually lasts 1 month, in 2024, it is two months long. The holy month of Sawan will begin on Monday, 22nd July 2024, to Monday, 19th August 2024.

The Mondays of Sawan hold a lot of importance as they are dedicated to worshiping Shivji. Mondays have a massive significance in Sanatan Dharma as this day is dedicated to Shivji out of all 7 days of the week. And since the month of Shravan also belongs to the Mahadev, fasting and performing Puja during Shravan ke Somwar or Mondays have great significance. Here is a list of all the somwars in Shravan 2024:

22nd July 20241st Monday of Sawan
29th July 20242nd Monday of Sawan
5th August 20243rd Monday of Sawan
12th August 20244th Monday of Sawan
19th August 20245th Monday of Sawan

The dates mentioned above are perfect for fasting in Sawan to get special blessings from Lord Shiv Ji. You can confirm the vidhi or rituals of fasting with an expert pandit ji and fast during the month of Sawan to get his choicest blessings.

Why is there another Shivratri during Sawan?

There are multiple shivratris during a year. It is said that there are 12 Shivratris in a year, but people mostly know of the two most famous Shivratries. The first Shivratri is celebrated in late February or early March, depending upon its date in the lunar calendar.

The second Shivratri is celebrated in the month of July again according to the lunar calendar. Both these Shivratries are prominent due to two main reasons. The 1st Shivratri, celebrated in Feb-March, is believed to be the anniversary of Shiv Parvati.

Devotees believe that this is the day when Parvati found her Shiv, and they united for eternity. The second reason to celebrate this Shivratri is it marks the beginning of the spring season, as per Hindu mythology experts.

Talking about the second big Shivratri of the year, which comes in the month of July, celebrates the saving of the universe through Shivji by consuming the deadliest poison and becoming the Neelkanth. And the second reason to celebrate this Shivratri is to welcome the autumn season soon after the monsoon gets over.

Can I do GrihaPravesh during the month of Sawan?

Can I do Griha Pravesh during the month of Sawan?

Although the month of Sawan is very auspicious and belongs to Lord Shiva himself, it is not considered an ideal time for home relocation or performing Griha Pravesh Puja during the holy month of Sravana. This is also because we enter the time of Dakshinayan just before Sawan, and both of them are not ideal for housewarming.

If you want to know the Auspicious Dates for Griha Pravesh in the upcoming months, then check out the table below:

2nd November 2024SaturdayAnuradha, VishakhaFrom 05:58 am to 06:35 am
4th November 2024MondayAnuradhaFrom 06:35 am to 08:04 am
7th November 2024ThursdayUttara AshadhaFrom 12:34 am to 06:38 am
8th November 2024FridayUttara AshadhaFrom 06:38 am to 12:03 pm
13th November 2024WednesdayRevatiFrom 01:01 pm to 03:11 am
16th November 2024SaturdayRohiniFrom 07:28 pm to 06:45 am
18th November 2024MondayMrigashirshaFrom 06:46 am to 03:49 pm
25th November 2024MondayUttara PhalguniFrom 06:52 am to 01:24 am
5th December 2024ThursdayUttara AshadhaFrom 12:49 pm to 05:26 pm
11th December 2024WednesdayRevatiFrom 07:04 am to 11:48 am
21st December 2024SaturdayUttara Phalguni, Purva PhalguniFrom 06:14 am to 07:10 am
25th December 2024WednesdayChitra07:12 am to 03:22 pm

As you can see in the table above, the auspicious dates for Griha Pravesh in 2024 will now come in November and December. This means there is no auspicious date for Griha Pravesh in the holy month of Shravan. So, it is highly recommended that you wait some time and perform your Griha Pravesh puja when the auspicious date arrives.

Dos and Don’ts during Shravan

After knowing so much about the auspicious month of Sawan that is about to begin in a few days, let us quickly look at all the dos and don’ts of Sravana ka Mahina.

  1. Only perform important Pujas with expert guidance. If you plan to do any specific puja during Sawan that you haven’t done before, always ask an expert about the details of the Puja. There is no harm in performing pujas during Sawan, but every Puja has a set of rules that the performer must know. So, ask about them from your family’s priest and correctly perform the Puja.
  2. Try to avoid non-vegetarian food in Sawan. If you are a non-veg eater and a believer of Shivji, it is better to quit non-veg in Sawan. Be satvik and perform your dharma ritualistically.
  3. Do some charity work during Sawan. Distribute juices and drinks, sweets, food, clothes, and whatever you can afford to give in charity to poor people. Helping those in need impresses Shivji, and he blesses those with abundant happiness.
  4. If you are fasting during the month of Sawan, avoid eating onion and garlic this month. Onion and garlic are not considered satvik; hence they must be avoided when doing dharmic work.
  5. If you are fasting on Mondays during the month of Sawan, you must not consume milk. Our Vedic Puranas state that those who fast during Sawan must avoid drinking milk this month, as we offer milk to Shiv ji while performing the Puja. Apart from milk, all the items or ‘samagri’ that you offer to shiv ji during your Sawan ke vrat ki puja must not be consumed by you.
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The month of Sawan or Shravan is a festival for all Shiva devotes. They wait for this holy month every year, and when it finally arrives, the love of Shivji devotes across the globe sees no limit to celebrating the month and gets dissolved in the auspicious celebration.

They walk for miles and miles to get Ganga jal to offer it to Shivji on Sawan ki Shivratri, perform pujas, decorate temples, have fast on Mondays, and maintain a strict regime of doing and avoiding everything they must during the holy month of Sawan as per the rules and instructions by the experts.

If you are a Shiva devotee, read the details above on Shravan ka Mahina and why it is so crucial for Shiva worshipers. Then follow the instructions if you are fasting too and obey the rules to impress Shivji and get his special blessings in the particular month.

Stay tuned for more details on home décor, home shifting, auspicious dates of festivals, and information and packing and moving your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What if I don’t pray or fast during Sravana?

While fasting during the month of Sawan is not compulsory, one must pray during this auspicious month. You must take out time to pray and pay your respects to lord Shiva to get his special blessings. If you cannot visit a temple on Mondays due to work commitments, visit a temple on Sundays and ask for his forgiveness and blessings. You will be blessed in abundance.

Q. 2 What can I offer to Shiv ji during Sravana?

In the month of Sawan, you can offer Beal Patra, flowers, seasonal fruits, Gangajal, Sandalwood paste, raw milk, honey, rice, and sweets to Shiv Ji while performing Sawan ki puja. Even offering him water has a huge significance in Sawan.

Q. 3 When can I open my fast in Sawan?

You can open your fast after performing ritualistic Puja at the temple in the evening. Perform Puja at the Shivalya in the evening and open your fast after you go home.

Q. 4 Is it compulsory to fast during Sawan ka mahina?

No, it is not compulsory to fast during the month of Sawan. If you have health issues or cannot fast due to any other reason, don’t be worries. Although, if you ca., You must fast in this auspicious month as this is the time to get the maximum blessing of Shivji and get your choicest wishes granted as well.

Q. 5 Can I perform Puja in Shravan without fasting?

Surely you can perform Sawan ki Puja without fasting. Shiv ji is known as ‘BholeNath,’ who is innocent and can be impressed with whatever you have to offer him with all your heart. So do not worry about performing Sawan ki puja without fasting.

Q. 6 When is Shivratri in Sawan 2024?

This year, Sawan ki Shivratri in 2024 will fall on Monday, the 22nd of July.

Q. 7 How can I perform Puja during Sawan?

There are multiple ways in which you can perform Puja in Sravana and get the blessing of the almighty Shivji in this auspicious month:

– Visit the temple: if you can visit the temple daily during the holy month of Sawan, do that. If you find it difficult to visit the temple daily, visit a nearby temple every Monday. Don’t forget to offer fresh water to Shivji on Shivalya and pray in front of him.

– Perform Rudra Abhishek: Rudra Abhishek puja is a very powerful puja and one of the quickest and most effective ways to impress Shivji in Sravana. The Puja can only be performed with an experienced Pandit ji. It takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to do Rudra Abhishek, and everyone must perform this Puja at least once in their lifetime.

– Fast on Mondays: fasting during the month of Shravan also has enormous importance. If you want any specific wish granted, you must fast on all Mondays of Sawan. If you believe in Shivji and want to fast in Shravan out of devotion, you must also fast without hesitation.

Q. 8 What should I do on Sawan ki Shivratri?

Sawan ki Shivratri is celebrated because Shivji drank the Halahal poison on this day. Therefore, Shiva devotees walk barefoot from their residences to the Ganga River to fetch Ganga Jal and pour it on Shivalyas.

If you cannot go to the Ganges and get Ganga Jal, you can take Ganga Jal from your home to the nearby temple and pour it on the Shivalya. It is said that doing so silences Mahadev’s pain from drinking the poison. So, pouring Ganga Jal on Shiv ji in Sravana ki Shivratri has a huge significance. It impresses him and Mata Parvati, and the devotee gets their choicest wish granted.

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