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The festival season is almost over but not our responsibilities. Just like we prepare our homes to welcome the festivals and rituals associated with them and get ready for all the celebrations, there’s a cleaning ritual for the after-party.

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Nobody likes a dirty or messy home after the festivals are over. But there has to be a guide to help us organize the after-party cleaning process, just like we have guides for decorating the home and party ideas for festivals.

So, after the festivals are over, how to manage all the mess in our homes once we are done with all the yearly ritualistic celebrations? Here’s a guide for the same. Follow these steps and make your home a beautiful and tidy abode again.

10 home management ways to clean your home after the completion of the festive season

Same-day cleaning tips:

1. Organizing the equipment

cleaning and organization equipment

Keeping all your cleaning and organization equipment in one place is always helpful. The mop, broom, dusters, cleaning agents, spray bottles, and napkins keep everything in one place. This will help you in case of urgent cleaning. You can easily collect your cleaning stuff and start organizing the space when you know you have to clean a space immediately after the festivity.

2. Take a tour of the house

Take a tour of the house

Once the party is over, the celebration is finished, and all your guests have said goodbye, you should not sleep but take a tour of your entire house. While doing this, pick up all the major litter pieces, utensils, and crockery lying here and there. If there’s anything delicate that is lying unattended, too, pick it up and keep it somewhere safe. This will give you a headstart for your post-festival cleaning and ensure the safety of delicate items at your home.

3. Arrange the food

Arrange the food

We all have leftovers after throwing a party or having a grand festival celebration at home. And being a good person, one should always manage food properly. And if you also don’t want to throw away all the food, make three sections for them. Put all the food that is not fit for eating anymore. This will include spoilt food and leftovers of a guest. The second bag should have everything that you can eat afterward. The chips, biscuits, and other stuff that are fit for consumption can be stored in a ziplock bag for later consumption.

Last but not least, make a bag for the food that can be donated. This includes everything fit for eating, but you know no one in your family will have it since they are done with eating that particular thing. This food should be mindfully managed and given to your domestic help or the poor people who will cherish them.

4. Clean all the sticky stains

Clean all the sticky stains

We know that feeling when the festival is over, guests are gone, and the urge to finally have a sound sleep hits its peak. But it would be best if you wait to go to sleep. A few things must be done on the same night as delaying them for the following day can increase the mess and your hard work. And sticky stains come under this category too. It would help if you clean all such spots soon after the guests leave, as leaving them unattended can make the entire floor sticky and dirty. These stains might be on the table and furniture too. Clean them up so your precious furniture isn’t ruined with tough stains. So, while you are taking a round of your house mentally noticing everything, notice these spots and clean them immediately to save your time and energy later.

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Next-day cleaning tips:

5. Pick up the decorative items

Pick up the decorative items

We know people don’t like winding up everything the next day after festivals are over, but we need to discuss all the decorations to be removed. Pick up those things whose purpose is now complete, and they don’t add to the home decor vibeanymore. This includes all the wholly lit-up and used diyas, things around your temple that were used in performing rituals, leftover candle wax, dried flowers and leaves, any decorative item that is broken, any rug or carpet that needs cleaning, and all sorts of stuff that doesn’t look nice and chic anymore. Doing this will manage your home to the next level and make your after-party cleaning easier.

6. Arrange the gifts

Arrange the gifts

The gifting rituals are very famous during the festive season. And when you throw a party or organize a ritualistic ceremony at home during the festive season, the number of exchanging gifts increases significantly. You must arrange all the gifts you received and all the gifts left which you have to give to your relatives and friends. Sort them all out and keep them safely and correctly. This will clean up a lot of space in your home and keep your gifts safe. Not to forget, opening all the gifts you received and delivering all the gifts that are left to be given to your loved ones will also become more manageable.

7. Declutter the unwanted stuff

Declutter the unwanted stuff

Now comes the most favorite part for some people and hectic for others but essential for everyone. We all have stuff in our homes that we keep using one last time. And if you have used such stuff one last time during festivals, it’s time to say goodbye to them. You must declutter your home and give away all the unwanted stuff for better home management. This can include clothes, artificial jewelry, unwanted utensils, broken furniture, damaged show pieces, home décor items, etc.

You can throw everything that anyone cannot use and donate those still in fine working condition. But remember to do this, as lighting the weight of your home by shedding off all such unwanted stuff brings positivity, space, light, and manifest space for new things in your home. So, declutter now and see the magic happen.

8. Cleaning table tops and everything else

Cleaning table tops

If there’s anything that suffers from maximum dirt during festivities, it is all the shelves and table tops in the home. They are used to keeping so much stuff that we cannot imagine their contribution to making celebrations seamlessly successful. All the least we can do to thank them for their unrecognized contribution is to give them thorough cleaning once we are done with the celebrations. So, clean all the tables and put everything that isn’t needed inside the cupboards. Take a fresh cloth and mop all the tables, countertops, and kitchen shelves to give them a bright new shine again. Then place everything back on them that used to be there like always.

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After you finish this, clean up everything else in your home and arrange things properly. Make sure all the bedsheets, curtains, cushions, and tablecloths are in perfect position, and all the furniture pieces are clean and free of unwanted items. If required, do a thorough cleaning and dusting of sofa sets and décor items and make sure everything looks beautiful again, just like it used to look before the party.

9. Wash the dishes

Wash the dishes

It’s an undeniable fact that after every house party or festive celebration kitchen sink is the only place that gets filled more than its capacity to hold the dishes. Since no one has the energy to wash the utensils immediately after the party is over, one must do it the next day. Carefully washing all the dishes has many benefits.

The first one is that washing dishes cleanses your kitchen and manages it again. Second, doing the dishes ensures your new crockery can leave with only some of the food stains for a long, as there are chances of oil stains staying forever on your shiny plates and bowls. Last but not least, timely cleaning means timely managing them and keeping them back in their place. This will clean up your home altogether, leaving no task to manage and no ounce of after-party mess.

10. Mopping the floors

Mopping the floors

Once you are done and dusted with all sorts of rearrangements of your home, the final task is to clean the floors. Since festivities include a lot of tasks that require you and your guests to move to and fro in the house, the floor often gets the most affected due to such activities. Hence, a deep cleaning is required to give your floor its original look. Remove all the rugs, carpets, and everything that can be easily removed for cleaning. Then, dust the floor with a broom and mop it with detergent water. Let it dry completely. Now place everything back in its initial places and light a scented candle to rest in your clean and well-arranged home.

Tip: After a few days, don’t forget to put all the artifacts, decoration items, expensive décor, and fragile stuff back in their safe boxes in your store. It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, you will get many more chances to use them for home decoration, so take good care of such stuff and save it from getting ruined.

And that is how you clean and manage your home once all the festivities are over. We know how hard it is to say goodbye to the festive season, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing the needful. After all, we must manage things gracefully after the completion of festivals so that we can welcome festivals gracefully again next year. For more details on home décor and home shifting ideas, stay tuned.

Anishka Luthra