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It’s summer time!!! And, a welcoming season for lizards in homes. Lizards become a common sight in summers on the walls and floors. These creepy creatures not just add a scar to the beauty of your home, but also make it look unhygienic.

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So, warding off these unwanted pests from your home is the only solution to avoid any health hazards in your family. So, here are some of the amazing remedies and solutions to get rid of lizards and make your home happy and lively once again.

Reasons Why Lizards Enter Your Home!

Lizards become a common sight in Indian homes during the summers. With the arrival of this season, you can notice creepy lizards crawling in your walls or floors. There are a whole lot of reasons behind this pest attack in houses such as:

  1. Keeping leftover foods outside in the open. So, you must ensure that you keep the remaining food items in your fridge.
  2. Cracks and holes in the open windows, air vents, walls, and exhaust fans promote their entry in your homes.
  3. Warm temperatures attract lizards. So, keep your houses in summers cool to restrict their entry.
  4. The mess in your home triggers the entry of lizards in your house. Clean your storage places well.
  5. Lizards are mostly found near warm water. Therefore, they tend to appear near pipes inside bathrooms and toilets.

Effective Ways To Remove Lizards From Home

Now that you are aware that they love entering the warm environment of your home, let’s discover how to get rid of lizards from your house!

1. Coffee

Not just being the most loved beverage among people, coffee is also a great home remedy to get rid of lizards from the house. Prepare balls of coffee and tobacco, and place them in different corners of your house.

2. Pepper spray

Pepper is a popular spice known to provide loads of benefits to human health. You can prepare a concoction of pepper powder and water and spray on the walls and floors where you find lizards. It is believed that lizards are allergic to pepper and therefore, stay away from it.

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3. Naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls are a renowned home remedy to keep away bugs from clothes. But, there are other important uses that this product yields to the people. When these balls are placed in every corner, cupboards, and drawers of your house, it strong smell keeps lizards at bay.

4. Peacock feather

If you really want to beautify your home along with keeping creepy lizards out of your house, a peacock feather us what you need. As peacocks feed on lizards, these reptiles like to stay away from it.

5. Eggshells

An age-old home remedy to ward off lizards from your homes, eggshell is not just a fertilizer, but also a lizard repeller. The strong foul smell of it makes lizard feel fainted. It also induces a feeling of fear in them as it indicates the presence of large creature nearby.

6. Garlic

Garlic is one of the favourite plants used in every Indian household owing to its strong pungent fragrance. When you place cloves of garlic in different areas of your home, it keeps lizards away from your home. You can also prepare a spray liquid made with garlic and water.

7. Onion

Just like garlic, the pungent odor of the onions helps in keeping lizards out of your home. You can keep some slices of onions around your house or spray onion juice.

8. Cold water

As lizards are cold-blooded reptiles, they look for warm places. So, when it is about shooing them away from your home, you can throw cold water on them. They will soon leave your house making it lively and clean.

9. Lemongrass

The strong citrusy fragrance of lemongrass is a wonderful method of getting rid of lizards from your home. It not only imparts a beautiful smell to your home, but also forces these reptiles out of your abode. For this, you need to cut some blades of lemongrass and keep in different areas of your home.

10. Tabasco Sauce Spray

Tabasco Sauce is a twist of chilli that you can add in your food. And, when this sauce is mixed with water to make a spray to sprinkle around your house, it keeps lizards at bay.

11. Mosquito repellent liquid

A mosquito repellent liquid is another great home remedy to get rid of unwanted lizards from your home. When this chemical-based liquid is sprayed on the walls and other areas of your house, it makes lizards leave your house.

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12. Vinegar and lemon

The skin of the lizards is sensitive and when vinegar and lemon both with acidic properties are sprayed on them, an irritation is caused on their skin. This liquid can also be sprayed on the walls of your house where you often find them.

13. Phenyl Tablets

Just like naphthalene balls, phenyl tablets can also be used to ward off lizards from your house. The strong smell of these balls will distract them and make them leave your home.

How to Prevent Lizards from entering homes?

As you are now well-aware of the methods to keep lizards away from your house, it is time to ensure that do not come back! So, here are a few useful tips that will help in restricting their return in your house.

  • Put cement on small cracks and holes in your home to restrict lizards.
  • Fix mosquito mesh on the windows of your house to stop the entry of lizards.
  • Keep a check on your pipes to prevent leakages and ward off lizards from home.
  • Regular cleaning of houses.
  • Keep your windows and doors closed if not in use.
  • Cover your open windows with metal screens.
  • Quickly remove garbage with leftover food from your house.
  • Keep distance between your furniture to avoid any hiding places for lizards.
  • Eggshells and peacock feather must be regularly changed.
  • Keep cats at home.
  • Paintings and frames on the walls can be good hiding spots for the lizards. Reduce them.
  • Avoid spilling food or drinks on the floor.
  • Never keep stagnant water inside your home as it is a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes.

Commercial Repellents to Eliminate Lizards From Home

Taking precautions or using useful home remedies to remove lizards from home are not just the only methods. You can also use commercial products for quicker relief.

  1. Organic pest sprays are useful to kill lizards.
  2. Organic granules for pest removal from house.
  3. Electronic pest repelling devices of pest control companies to spray insecticides and pesticides.
  4. Pest repelling sprays to prevent their entry from house.
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