Top 5 mistakes to avoid when you are moving a household

Sonali Pathak   May 15, 2018   No Comments

A lot of people go through bundle of some common problems while relocating and it is very important to be aware about those problems while you are planning to relocate. Most of these problems are related to not being organized as is required when talking about relocation. And, there is often times complain about packers and movers.

Taking into account these factors I have jotted down some of the points that will explain about some of the common moving mistakes that must be taken care of before deciding to relocate. Here we go….

1. Every time thinking you have enough time

If it’s the first relocation in your life or it’s been long enough that you have taken up with the task of relocation then you must not be very much aware on how to take up relocation in an organized way.

The best way her is, whenever you are taking up a bigger task like a move, you need to be very smart and decide your moving date a month or two afterwards whenever the pops up into your mind. Never decide it without giving yourself enough of time for packing and taking care of each and every item.

It’s always good to give yourself enough of time to find reliable packers and movers, to figure out your budget and to sort out your household stuff.

The first step to avoiding moving mistakes is to giving it properly two months in total for everything to settle down. This way you could very easily figure out how to prioritize and manage your task.

2. Not taking enough of references while hiring a moving company

It is quite important that you take reference of enough number of companies before talking the final decision. Because, that way you could easily understand and compare the offerings and services of different moving companies and also know about the genuine Packers Movers charges. It is always good to call up and talk with as many companies as you can. It will give you insight into which moving company would be best to be hired for your kind of move.

3. Not properly asking required questions from packers and movers

Once you have hired a moving company, it is very important that you have asked all the right type of questions to the moving company related to relocation. Know properly if the company is offering all the services as required by you. Make sure to know about the complete moving charges, if the company includes insurance services or not, know about any hidden charges and so on. Before finally allotting the work, just make a list of all those questions that you are require to ask from the moving company.

4. Not getting rid of the Useless stuff before starting with Packing

The useless stuff will only create a mess and so before deciding to move finally it is important to get rid of the unused stuff that are just going to occupy some extra space in your home. If you are separating those unused stuffs, it will definitely save a lot of your time both during packing and unpacking.

If you will look closely the only thing that you will notice is that there are things that there are things in your garage lying uselessly right from your last move. So, the smart thing you can do is look through your goods and keep aside those goods you do not need anymore. This sorting would not just save your time but will cut a significant amount of your moving cost.

5. Not allocating enough time for packing your stuff

We have often had the habit of not taking it too seriously and of not giving enough of time for the entire task of packing. But, it is actually the first meticulously move that you must take up. We often don’t pay heed to allotting some extra time for carefully wrapping up the fragile items, for arranging for enough of packing items, and that does not makes us to come at the wrong conclusion of the total moving time estimation.

So, it is very important to meticulously study each of the areas and find out how much time it is actually going to take. That way you would be able to make proper time estimation for the entire household packing to be done.

Planning is the key and you need to do planning in every area. It is quite important that you avoid any kind of last time rush and make all the preparations in advance. You can make a list of all the areas of the home that has to be packed along with various essential things. And, if you are planning it well, you can also find it easy at the time of unpacking.