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Now that you have finally relocated to your new house, life might feel way easier and relaxing, but the harsh fact is that the job is not done. Safety is the biggest concern whenever someone shifts to a new locality or city. To make the situation worse, newly relocated houses are the preferred targets for burglars as they can take advantage of the new homeowners not knowing the nearby residence. In recently relocated houses, all the stuff still needs to find its place, which makes it easier for thieves to get their hands on valuable items. Packers and Movers Mumbai or any other city will relocate your belongings safely, but after that, you must keep them safe.

The most preferred time for Burglars is between 10 am and 3 pm, making it more challenging to keep an eye on the house as everyone is extremely busy. But the safety concerns in newly relocated houses are way bigger than just burglars as one is unprepared for unforeseen incidents such as fire, smoke, etc. With such dangers hovering above the head, it is crucial to prefer home security immediately after moving into the new house. Let’s explore some fantastic tips to safeguard your house after relocation and achieve peace of mind in the new place.

Change all the Locks


This is the most basic safety measure that you cannot go wrong with. Living in a house that you don’t know how many people have access to through keys is scary. Whenever you move into a new house, change all the locks and install new ones. This will eliminate the risk of any previous member and staff of the family living before you in the house revisiting the house when you are not in it.

Tip- Do not go for any cheap and low-quality locks for your house, as they are comparatively easy to break and get rusted.

Check the Fire and Smoke Detectors


Even if the Fire and smoke alarms are installed, there are chances that they don’t work at all. Primarily, people don’t even consider checking the fire and smoke alarms when they move into the house, which could prove extremely dangerous as fire and smoke alarms not turning on during a fire will take precious minutes of time and can lead you to a tense situation. So check the fire and smoke home security alarm system beforehand so that you can live in peace and without any worries of either you or your family getting caught in the fire.

An average of 3,58,000 houses face fire every year. Every day, at least one child dies from a fire inside the home because adults end up finding a way to get out of the fire, whereas kids are more vulnerable to fire and smoke, so if you have kids in your house, then testing the fire and smoke detectors in the house should be your first priority.

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Protect The Windows


How many people emphasize securing their windows, close to no one as we don’t find it essential to protect the windows. This issue is so huge that more than 30% of burglaries occur because of open doors and windows. While checking the door and securing it feels crucial, securing the windows is ignored by most people. Now that you are reading this, you have the upper hand and know how threatening it could be not to safeguard your windows. It’s not that protecting the windows is a costly process, as you can simply use window locks or security film to enhance the security. You can plant thorny bushes below ground-floor windows to take security to the next level without breaking the bank.

Secure the Outdoors with Extra Protection


Potential Burglars will heavily stalk your house before planning any burglary, so if you can scare them away with top-class outdoor security, their chances of choosing your house for theft will diminish immensely. The key is to make the exteriors well-lit so that the people from outside can be aware that there is someone inside and that the thieves can’t hide in the dark. You can take security to the next level by installing motion-activated lighting near the entry points so that the lights will automatically turn on whenever there is movement, giving you an advance signal of a potential threat. Ensure you frequently visit the Balcony or the lawn to notice any suspicious movement, as thieves visit multiple times before executing their plan.

Tip- If you stay out of the house most of the time, then you can use Time-Controlled Lights to create a perception that someone is in the house.

Install a Home Security System


Installing a home security system in your newly shifted house can be one of your best investments as the security system covers the entire house, whether the door, entry path, or outside the house, and gives you complete control around the house. You get a 24/7 surveillance facility with Home Security Cameras, and not just that, you also monitor the house remotely with your phone. With modern house surveillance and monitoring systems, you can lock and unlock the house with your phone and trace any suspicious movement with motion sensors. It is just a matter of time before almost everyone will adopt the home security system as it is highly effective and straight up scares any thief from planning any burglary.

Secure your Wi-Fi Network


All the home security systems in the market work wirelessly with the help of a Wi-Fi network, but the critical point is that we don’t give high significance to Wi-Fi Security, whether choosing a weak password or going for a less secure Wi-Fi router to save some money. Still, the scary part is that if someone has access to your Wi-Fi network, he can easily control and manipulate the security system and bypass it.

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The home security system is nearly flawless, but an intruder can make his way by simply accessing the Wi-Fi network. You can prevent this by choosing a strong password that includes upper and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols so that no one can take an easy guess and end up cracking the password. To make your Wi-Fi network more secure, you can get a highly secured router with WPA2 or WPA3 security, which will toughen the job of anyone looking to hack the network.

Think before sharing on Social Media


After a tiring transition to a new house, who doesn’t want to go to Instagram and share their new house? Our lives have become way more transparent and accessible for people than they used to be just a decade ago because of Social Media Platforms. But the horrendous part is that social media can be misused, which most of us don’t even think about before posting anything. As shocking as it may sound, 78% of Burglars use Facebook and Twitter to determine their new target. What we can do to avoid being their next target is not to reveal our address, car number plate, and location and not publicly announce the long vacation we are going on.

Tip- Before you post anything on social media platforms, think about how it can be used against you and imagine the worst-case scenario. With that scenario in mind, you will think twice before unknowingly sharing your personal details.


House Relocation is tough, although hiring packers and movers in Delhi can make it less tiring, but the concern for safety in the new house will be a big question mark if you don’t follow the above tips. Whether it is installing a home security system, securing the windows, protecting the outdoors, changing all the locks, thinking before sharing your details on social media, checking the fire and smoke detectors, or simply choosing a safe router, any household can follow all the above tips as they are not highly complex and also don’t burn a hole in the wallet. Safety is and will always be every household’s first priority.

Shivam Ahuja