While moving to a new place brings us the opportunity to explore a new culture and language, make new friends, and grab new opportunities in life, it can also be very stressful at the same time. There may already be some stress about packing your goods, hiring professional packers and movers in Bangalore, Delhi, etc., and transporting your valuable household items to your new home damage-free.

Amidst all this worry, it’s ubiquitous for people to forget some essential items when moving. It can be personal documents, jewelry, medications, etc. To forget is human nature, and it would be best to create a checklist to avoid forgetting essential things for the move. Below is a list of everything people forget to pack for a move. Be mindful of these things; you can make your move easier and less stressful. Check out the list of the things people forget to pack for their move:

1. Important documents


One of the most essential things that are very common for people to forget when relocating to a new place is important paperwork and personal documents. These can be identity proof, passport, insurance papers, etc., the necessary papers you don’t want to lose. It’s best to store all necessary paperwork and documents in a folder, like an accordion one or a binder, which will be easier to carry during your move.

2. Medications


Medicines are also one of the common things that people forget to pack for their relocation. The prescribed medicine, syrups, or bottles in your cupboards and cabinets may be left behind. And, after moving into your new home, you will have to immediately run to the pharmacy to get your medicines. It’s best to store all the essential medications in a small box or pouch bag to carry them with you during the move.

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3. Borrowed books and other items


Often, we remember the things around us and the ones we may have borrowed from others. You may have borrowed some books from the library or your friend. Remember to return the lent books a few days before your day of move. You can also keep the lent books and other items in a separate box so that these don’t get mixed up and packed with other items for relocation.

4. Dry cleaning


Dry cleaning is also one of the most common things people forget to pack before relocating. Many people forget they have given their clothes for dry cleaning and often get relocated before collecting their dry-cleaned clothes back. Ensure that if you have to give some clothes for laundry or dry cleaning, then collect them a few days before your move so that you can pack all your clothes accordingly.

5. Keys


Spare keys to the home, keys to cupboards, and wardrobe may be left behind somewhere. You may not need them anymore, but the new homeowners of your old abode will. They will appreciate the spare keys.

Remember to check if you have kept the keys to your new home, as it may cause difficulty for you later on.

6. Cables, chargers, cords, etc.


One of the most common things left behind by people, whether in hotel rooms or old homes, are charges and cords of electronics. Make sure to check all the outlets in your home. You can pack all the cords and chargers of your electronics in a separate box or bag. This way, you won’t lose any important cables.

7. Change the old address


This thing on the list is not an item that people usually forget but one of the common things people forget to do. Make sure to change your old address to the new one on all the food delivery, grocery, and other apps. You don’t want your groceries or meals to be delivered to your old home.

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8. Hidden cash


Many people also leave emergency savings tucked away in some old cabinet under the mattress. Ensure to retrieve your savings; otherwise, you will be donating to the future residents of your old home. It will be a lovely surprise for them but not for you.

9. Phone books and diaries


Yes, this is the digital age when people can easily look up service providers in their locality or note down the birthday and anniversary reminders of their loved ones on the note application on their smartphone. But, many people are still old school at heart and prefer to jot down reminders and notes in their diary. Don’t leave your entire diary containing contacts, notes, and phonebooks behind.

10. Valuables


Valuables like coins, jewelry, etc., may have been stored in a hidden or well-protected place at home. Be sure to check all those places and keep such valuables with you. Instead of giving these to the household shifting services provider, pack them yourself and keep them with your documents and other essential items.

This list lets you know which items people forget to pack when moving to a new place. Making a to-do list is one of the best ways to stay organized and stress-free during the move. Create a list of all the items you have to pack and move and make a list of valuables you pack and take with you. Proper organization and packing will make things run smoothly for you, and there won’t be any need to worry.

Pratiksha Priya