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Pests are a huge nuisance and can cause havoc once they enter your home. Pests like rodents can damage your home belongings and even some furniture. Roaches, ants, etc., can also spoil your goods and spread diseases. Getting rid of pesky bugs and rodents is very crucial as not only you will be able to keep your home away from damage and nuisance but also keep your family safe from the diseases which these pests spread.

When someone faces a pest infestation problem, they are often confused over the two options, pest control DIY VS professional pest control: which one is better? But, worry not as in the blog below we will discuss the some factors based on which you can decide which type of pest control will be best for you. Keep reading below!

Size of the infestation

Size of the infestation

One of the factors to keep in mind when deciding between DIY pest control VS professional pest control, which is better is the size of the infestation. If you see a few cockroaches, ants or rodents around your home, then a quick DIY pest control can be effective. There are many remedies and tricks to ward off pests from your home. You must hire a professional pest exterminator, when the pest problem is recurring. When every few months or weeks you see the pests entering your home again and again, then hiring the professionals is the best choice as this will give you a permanent solution.

Cost of DIY and professional pest control

Cost is also one of the factors which can help you decide whether to choose professional pest control or DIY pest removal tricks. The professional pest control cost can be around Rs. 1,000 to 10,000. And, the cost of DIY pest control can be around Rs. 100 to Rs. 500.

Cost of DIY and professional pest control

Since DIY pest control is mainly effective in short term, in cases of severe pest infestation, you may have to opt for professional pest control services which offer effective and long term results.

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There are many DIY pest control products which may contain some harmful chemicals that may not be safe for you. If not used properly, these products can be a safety risk for you, especially children or pets. But, you can be careful and use some home remedies, such as vinegar, essential oils, garlic, etc.

Pest Control Safety

On the other hand, the service providers of professional pest control in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities use environmentally safe and chemical-free pest control products to eradicate pests from your home. A professional pest control service will be very effective while also not causing harm to anyone’s health.


When it comes to convenience, A DIY pest control can be more convenient. You can buy pest control products and apply it in and around your home whenever you are free. You can even use staples at home for getting rid of bugs and rodents which is more convenient.

Pest Control Convenience

Hiring a professional pest control service can be complicated for you. You have to be present when you book a pest control schedule with the professionals. There may be limited slots for booking which will be complicated if you have a busy schedule. But, many professional pest exterminators usually work according to the customer’s schedule.


Pest Control Effectiveness

DIY pest control products may seem cost-effective, but these will become expensive in the long run. Home remedies and DIY pest extermination products may also seem effective but for a short period. On the other hand, the professional pest control service provides a long term solution, saving you money and also time in the long run.


Guarantees of Pest Control

A professional pest service company provides a guarantee of effective results. They promise of excellent work, if in case the problem persists, they will return to you property to provide another service for free or at discounted charges. On the other hand, if you choose DIY pest control and the problem still persists, you may have to buy more pest control products and apply them, which can be time and money consuming.

How to keep pests at bay?

Taking the following measures is the best way to keep the bothersome bugs and rodents at bay. Regularly follow these tips to keep your home pest-free and safeguard your family with the diseases and germs spread by pests.

1. Keep your home clean

Pest Control - Keep your home clean

Maintaining cleanliness at your home is the key to prevention of pests. Ensure to clean all parts of your home including the nooks and crannies, storage areas, etc. Clean any food or drink spillage quickly and secure away the pet food. Clutter and dirt are the top reasons for attracting pests in your home, hence regular cleaning is a must.

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2. Throw out garbage properly

Pest Control - Throw out garbage properly

Regularly throw out the trash to avoid attracting pests. Rats and mice search around looking for scrapes of food and may get attracted to your trash bin. You must also clean the trash bin to prevent odours which can also attract pests.

3. Remove stagnant water

Pest Control - Remove stagnant water

Regularly clean and empty the items which contain stagnant water, such as buckets, air cooler, flower pots, etc. This is essential as stagnant water is the main breeding grounds for mosquitoes and may cause many diseases.

4. Seal all entry points

Pests can enter your home through gaps, cracks and other openings. So ensure to check every corner of your home and get the openings sealed to prevent the pests from entering your home.

5. Store all leftover food

Your leftover food and condiments must be properly stored and kept in a cupboard or refrigerator so as to not attract pests.

Pest Control - Store all leftover food

DIY pest control may seem inexpensive and convenient, but opting for a professional pest control service will be wise. DIY pest control is only effective for a short time and expensive in the long run. On the other hand, professional pest control is cost-effective and also safe. You must be thinking, is pest control worth it? Yes it really is as the pest controllers have all the knowledge and experience and know the right treatment to eradicate pests from your home. They also offer follow-up service to ensure that pests are completely out from your home.

If you are frustrated with the recurring pest control problem, then get rid of the pesky bugs and rodents completely by getting in touch with the top pest control companies in your city. Contact us today to get referred to the service providers of best pest control in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

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