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When we are about to undergo any major change in life, we often wonder about a lot of things. The same happens with home shifting. Home shifting is a huge task that involves a lot of processes. Keeping all the other struggles of home shifting aside, if we only talk about the role of packers and movers, they do a lot of things to relocate you safely and without any hassle.

If you are about to undergo a massive change of home relocation soon, take advantage of the details below. It involves the complete step by step process of home shifting and how packers and movers initiate each step.

Step by step process of home shifting

1. Hiring packers and mover’s services

The first and foremost thing to do in a step by step process of home shifting is to hire a reputed and trusted home relocation service provider. For that, you must know what questions to ask your mover before hiring them. The best way to do so is to hire packers and movers via

We provide three instant moving quotes from our verified associates. These quotes are free of cost and allow customization according to customer needs. Our callers have sufficient time to compare and choose the best moving quote they find.

Our associates also provide pre-move surveys free of cost to help customers. This helps the customer understand how the shift will take place while understanding customer expectations and concerns.

Once you finish finalizing your ideal mover, asking them questions, comparing the packers and movers charges, and doing a self-verification of the already verified movers, it’s time to fix the shifting date with the mover.

2. Packers and movers visit on the shifting date

Packers and movers visit on the shifting date

The packing and moving company hired by you will coordinate with you about the shifting date and timings. They will visit your home on time to start packing and moving.

Movers and packers will bring all the packing material and equipment required for the shifting. But for that, you must thoroughly inform them about the number of goods you have and their sizes details. Rest, they will handle it.

3. Dismantling of the goods

As soon as the professional labor of the moving company enters your home, they will start dismantling the furniture and electronics like beds, ACs, TVs, etc., to prepare them to pack. Doing so is crucial to make the shift seamless. Oversized furniture items are difficult to carry and load. Therefore, everything that can be dismantled at your home will be disassembled to prepare for packing. Once all the pieces are dismantled, they will be prepared for packing.

4. Packing each item with layers of packing material

Packing each item with layers of packing material

Do you know the list of packing materials is quite huge? Waterproof lamination, bubble wraps, carton boxes, cardboard sheets, corrugate sheets, newspapers, foam sheets, tapes, polystyrene material, packing cushions, blankets, etc.

All these things are used to pack household goods and ensure their safety during the move. Based on the item’s type, size, and fragility, the packing material is wrapped around them, and the item is secured.

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Packers and movers start by covering the items in waterproof lamination sheets, then they are covered with cardboard sheets, and lastly, they are wrapped in a layer of tapping to ensure the packing does not come off.

In the case of fragile items like dressing tables, center tables, dining tables, and anything that is easily breakable, their edges are first secured with thick layers of cardboard or polystyrene material. Then the process mentioned above is followed.

Wires and small items of every electronic are collected and put in a pouch to pack with their respective electronic item. This helps avoid confusion-free unpacking and saves wires from getting tangled and damaged during the shift.

If a customer asks to pack their clothes, utensils, bags, shoes, toiletries, accessories, etc., they are packed by the packing and moving company and put in separate cardboard boxes.

5. Labeling and counting of all the packed items

Labeling and counting of all the packed items

Once the entire household goods are packed and ready to be loaded, the moving company will ask you to help them count it and take note of everything. You, along with the help of one of the laborers, have put numbers on each box and have to write which item is packed inside which carton box.

An inventory is then created with the details of the number and which item is stored in which number of boxes. The total number is then counted so that they can tally the same during the unloading of the goods at the drop location. This helps a lot in keeping the goods safe and managing everything efficiently.

6. Loading each item in the truck

Loading each item in the truck

Once you and the moving company have noted the number of items and their contents and written everything in a diary, the loading process begins. Packers and movers make sure they have bought a truck big enough to accommodate all your goods into it based on the shifting details provided by you.

They smartly load everything in the truck, ensuring that big and heavy items are stored first and fragile, small, and light-weighted items are stored last. This trick is also used for the safety of the goods.

Apart from that, professional labor also ensures no space left between the goods. That is because empty spaces allow goods to move during transportation. Therefore, they add cushions and blankets between them to secure the goods and restrict their movement, especially when the truck driver hits the brakes.

7. Transporting the goods to the drop location

Transporting the goods to the drop location

Packers and movers associated with our company are punctual and begin their transportation on time. This helps them in timely delivery. So, once all the goods are loaded in the truck, the truck finally begins its journey toward the drop location.

The moving company takes care of all the traffic rules and pays all the toll taxes if it is a domestic shift. They are then added to the final bill during payment.

Also, even if the delivery of household goods gets delayed due to unavoidable reasons, the moving company updates the customer about the expected delay and when the goods can reach the drop location to relieve their tensions.

Transport services provide much-needed relief to the customer, and they can continue the rest of the relocation smoothly.

8. Unloading each item to the drop location

Unloading each item to the drop location

Once the truck reaches the drop location, the company calls for adequate labourers to unload the goods safely. Every item is handled with care while taking it out from the truck. That is why hiring a moving company with a base in both the cities you are moving to and from is highly suggested in case of domestic shifting.

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This helps in the easy availability of labor and required equipment when the truck reaches the drop location and the unloading and unpacking process are about to begin. has many such packing and moving companies associated with them that are based in multiple big and small Indian cities. You can always count on us to get the best-shifting services under one roof.

9. Recounting of the goods

Recounting of the goods

When all the goods finally come out of the truck, their number gets checked, and everything gets tallied with the household items list created by you. All this is done before taking the goods to the new house.

If anything goes missing, the moving company looks for it and checks where it went wrong. If the company cannot find the missing item, the moving insurance comes into play and helps you get compensation for the missing product.

And if you don’t know what is moving insurance? It would be best to find out about it; otherwise, you might face problems during the shift.

10. Unpacking items and checking for damages or losses

Unpacking items and checking for damages or losses

Unpacking service is not a primary facility provided by packing and moving companies but can be easily availed by the customer upon request. That is because unpacking layers and layers of professional packing is not easy, especially when you are tired of the responsibilities of home relocation.

So, when the unpacking occurs after the goods are placed inside the new home, every item is checked thoroughly to look for damage.

And if any damage is found, the moving insurance comes into play again, and compensation for the damage is discussed. Apart from that, the moving company unpacks everything with precaution.

11. Rearranging the dismantled items back

Remember how everything was disassembled before packing? All the big pieces of furniture were dismantled, and electronics were taken out from their required to pack them properly. Now, it’s time to put it all back in the new home.

So, movers and packers at your service will arrange everything back and connect all the wires and cords of the electronics to help you settle down. The bed will be connected to its parts again, and everything will be put where you want it to be.

12. Final payment

Final payment

After all this, it’s time for the final payment for the complete services provided by packers and movers for your home relocation. So, how does the payment take place? Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • All the services availed are calculated
  • Packing material and size of the truck are considered
  • Taxes and extra shifting facility charges are added
  • Charges of moving insurance are added (if availed)
  • Compensation for damages gets subtracted from the bill (if any loss occurs)

After considering all these things and any other big or small detail, the final bill is generated, and the payment is made to finish the process.


As you can see, all the steps mentioned above are huge in number and labour work too. They are important from a safety point of view and also from a convenience perspective. So, instead of ignoring the need to shift services, one must choose safety and convenience over saving money.

Packing and moving companies associated with us provide all these and many more services to accommodate our callers with the best shifting experience. Now that you know the complete step by step process of home shifting, call us to learn more about home and office relocation services. Stay tuned for updates on home décor, home shifting, Vastu tips, and multiple other services.

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