All You Need to Know About Kitchen Reorganization after Relocation

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The city of Chennai observes relocation of tech savvy IT professionals into and from the city regularly as it is essentially an IT hub. Hence, there is no shortage of Packers and Movers in Chennai. However be very careful while selecting a suitable movers and packers in Chennai.With a brilliant team of packers, loaders, unloaders and coordinators, the packers and movers in Chennai do a wonderful job of transporting goods and automobiles safely without any damage.  During the process of relocation, the foremost factor a family needs to consider after shifting to a new location is the reorganization of the kitchen. During packing, this should be kept in mind. All the basic crockery, cutlery, food items should be kept handy. There are certain criteria which should be taken into account for the systematic reorganization of the kitchen.

Ideas for Effective Reorganization of the Kitchen:

  • Take Note of Essential Items: Consider the key areas of a house and especially the kitchen that needs to be organized first. This includes the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets. Unpack the perishable food items and store in the refrigerator. The next step is to organize the crockery, cutlery and the cooking vessels and spices, oil, salt, sugar for cooking. Organize and fill up your kitchen cabinets with the most essential utensils, such as cooking pots, dishes, glass, knives, towels, dishbwashing liquid soap and so on.


  • Packing Items Systematically: Arrange a number of boxes and label them systematically. Categorize the kitchen items into crockery, cutlery, spices and accompaniments, cooking vessels and utensils and cleaning agents. Start with the bigger boxes and fill them up with larger pieces of crockery. Once the larger boxes are filled up completely, move on to the smaller ones.


  • Arranging Items in the Cabinets According to Use:  Keep those items that are used the most on the lower shelves of your kitchen cabinets or in the areas easily accessible. Arranging the items according to its use is the key to effective management of the kitchen. Access the drawers and cabinets near to the sink and keep the heavier cooking pots there, so that they can be used on a regular basis. Keep the bowls, cups, plates, glasses, spoons, knives, forks etc. on the shelves of the cabinets, which are easily accessible, as these kitchen equipments are needed daily. Store the items used occasionally on the higher shelves, not easily accessible.


  • Storage of the Poisonous Materials: Make sure that the harmful cleaning agents are out of reach of young children, to avoid fatal accidents, like for instance acids. Keep the dishwashing liquid soaps and detergents under or near the sink, for regular use.


  • Fragile Items:  Store the expensive items that are used occasionally in the inaccessible shelves. For instance, pack the fragile and chic dinner sets and other pieces of fancy crockery and keep it high up in the cabinets as they may be required once in a while when guests come over. You can keep them in the loft of your kitchen to make sure the crockery pieces are secure.


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