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Yes, truly it’s very tough and a stressful task to move from a place, you have been living in, for a long time. Also, there is a great amount of emotional attachment with the place, the people and the surrounding.

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With relocation, many other arduous tasks start opening up from nowhere. But, every coin has its two sides! And, if you are relocating to a beautiful city like Bangalore, it’s worth it. There are numerous exciting facts about the city that will help you cope up with all your worries.

Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka! The city if often referred to as “the Silicon Valley” of India, because a huge number of software companies are located in the city. Also, it is astonishingly the fifth largest metropolitan city and third largest city of India. The awe-inspiring beauty and the pleasant climate make Bangalore one of the most preferred cities to live in.

Here are some magnificently magical facts about Bangalore that you must know……

1. Referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of India

It has got its name as the “Silicon Valley” of India for housing around 212 software companies. And, that actually makes it one of the most preferred cities top relocate, by many of the youngsters looking out to flourish their careers in Software.

Silicon Valley of India

2. Pleasant Weather throughout the Year

And, it feels amazing to be in the pleasant weather of the city!! When the entire country is battling with scorching sun, people of Bangalore enjoy the drizzle from the sky and the cool weather during night. And, this lovely weather is experienced throughout the Year.

Pleasant Weather

3. Beautiful & Attractive Lakes

The city has the highest number of lakes as many as 200 which have now been erased from the map because of the golf courses, play grounds and bus stands.

Beautiful & Attractive Lakes

4. First Electricity Generation in the city by Hydroelectric power

It was Bangalore that started to get electricity from hydroelectric plants first in 1906. This hydroelectric plant is situated in Shivanasamudra and it started its operation in the City Market in Bangalore.

First Electricity Generation

5. Huge Number of Engineering Colleges

Bangalore houses around 21 engineering colleges and also the Bangalore University has 57 Engineering Colleges. And, it’s not a surprise that a huge number of engineers are produced from the city every year. So, if you are relocating to Bangalore, your kids are definitely going be around and make a bright future.

Engineering Colleges Bangalore

6. Cleanliness

You will love the cleanliness of the city!! People embrace the rules and regulation related to cleanliness without any hesitation. So, obviously, the clean environment is going to keep you safe and healthy if you are moving to Bangalore.

Cleanliness Bangalore

7. City’s Growth Rate

The Forbes magazine has estimated that there has been incredible growth of the city in the last two decades. And, the accredited magazine has considered the country as the fastest growing cities of the next decade. 

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8. Highest Number of Professionals Going Abroad

Bangalore, “The Silicon Valley” of India sends the highest number of professions to other countries, particularly to USA. And, there are more chances that you could fulfil your dream of visiting various beautiful countries of the World.

Number of Professionals Bangalore

9. The Lalbagh in the Heart of the City

“Lalbagh” is located at the heart of the city and is home to more than 1000 flora and fauna. Covering an area of around 240 acres, it also houses, one of the oldest structure of rocks called as Lal Bagh Rock. This rock is around 3000 million years old and many of the trees are also centuries old.

Lalbagh in the Heart of the City

10. A Hub of Biotechnological Companies as well….

Around 47% of total 265 biotechnology companies in India are located in Bangalore. Biocon which is considered as one of the most acclaimed companies in India is located in Bangalore. And, so not only the city is famous for being an IT hub but it is also a landscape that provides space for biotechnologist to flourish.

Biotechnological Companies Bangalore

11. The Awe-inspiring Aero Show of Bangalore

You can have the spectacular view of the civilian and combat aircraft’s showing their prowess in the air after every two years. It’s a special treat if you are residing in Bangalore!! Now, this will definitely relieve you from the stress of packing and unpacking.

Awe-inspiring Aero Show of Bangalore

12. Historical Monuments are just Step Away

Chokkanathaswamy temple, the oldest temple of the city is located at the heart of the city! And, it is very easy to take a glimpse of the temple. There are other monuments including, Tipu Sultan’s summer palace and various other historic sites, that are well connected to most parts of the city.

Historical Monuments Bangalore

13. Bangalore Promotes Healthy Eating for Healthy living

The organic eating habits of the city make it one of the preferred locations for those who are strict with their eating habits. The organic food courts like Carrot’s Healthy Kitchen are proof of the healthy eating habits of the city.

Bangalore Promotes

14. Incredible Bus Service to travel through the city

In Bangalore, around 43 lakh people travel by BMTC buses. During hot summers you can completely keep yourself cool travelling in the Volvo buses.

Incredible Bus Service Bangalore

15. Bangalore, “City of Gardens”

There are a huge number of parks and gardens in the city that counts to 40% of city’s landscape. Also, 15% of the city’s land is surrounded by lakes and ponds. All that makes it a great place to live in!!

Bangalore, “City of Gardens”

And, there’s a lot to talk about! If you are aware of these magical facts about the city, you will definitely not feel stressed while relocating. On the top of that, if you can find a reliable packers and movers in Bangalore, the task is certainly going to be a cakewalk. And, here this online directory, will help you open-handily. 

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You must first hire a verified moving company here from the directory and then find all the little and enticing facts about the city in detail. At the end, you are certainly going to thank God for giving you this opportunity to relocate to Bangalore!!

Anishka Luthra