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Packaging all your household items properly is essential to avoid any damage during the move. Every item must be packed with sufficient packing supplies to keep them secure. Your television is one of the expensive and fragile items that must be protected against any possible damage that may be caused during transport. If you are packing and moving your household articles yourself, this page is for you. Below we have discussed tips and tricks on how to pack a TV for a move yourself. Follow these tips to relocate your television without hassles.

Packing materials

packing materials

Before getting to the packing tips, note down the materials you need to pack your television.

  • Moving blankets
  • The original TV box or a TV box that fits your TV
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap or foam sheets
  • Corner protectors
  • Marker

Prepare your TV

In our list of tips on how to pack a television for moving, the first is preparing your television. Start by taking a picture of the cables and wires connected to the back or side of your television. This step will help you easily reassemble the TV after the move.

Wrap and secure all the essential cables with a Velcro strap, ribbon, or rubber bands to keep them all in one place. Remove the batteries from the remote control, remove the TV stands and other accessories related to the TV, and pack these separately.

Clean the TV

The next essential step is to clean your TV. Dust may have been collected on the corners of the screen, vents, etc. It’s crucial to wipe every corner of your TV and the backside with a microfiber cloth. Dust and debris collected over days and months, if not cleaned up, may cause scratches on the TV during transport.

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Protect the TV screen

If you are considering how to move a TV by yourself, the most important thing is to secure the TV screen, which can easily get scratched during transit. So, you can cover the screen by covering the TV with the original sleeve cover. If you don’t have the screen cover, you can protect the screen with foam sheets or bubble sheets. Secure the wrapped sheet with tape, ensuring that the tape doesn’t come in contact with any part of the screen.

Pack the TV in the box

The best way to pack a TV for the move is by using its original box. First, remove all the protective packaging inside the box, put it on your TV, and then safely place it back in the box. You can use bubble wrap or foam sheets if the original protective packing materials are missing.

If you don’t have the original TV box, you can buy an appropriate-sized box for your TV. Ensure to wrap the TV around with packing paper and then cover with moving blanket or bubble sheets. Do not directly wrap your TV with a bubble sheet, as it may stick to the screen. If there’s too much space after placing the TV in the box, fill the gaps with crumpled papers, moving blankets, or bubble wraps

Label the box

It’s also very important to label the box, which will let the others know to handle the box with the utmost care during the move. So, label the box using a marker to write ‘FRAGILE,’ ‘HANDLE WITH CARE,’ ‘TV,’ and other information. The professional packers and movers Chennai, Bangalore, etc., also suggest labeling of boxes.

Load the TV

Be very careful when loading your packed TV onto the relocation truck. Place the TV upright and keep it secure with ropes or straps. Prevent damage to the truck by keeping it away from the other goods.


Once you arrive at the location, unload the TV upright. You can place the TV leaning against a wall or in a space where people are not walking in and out. Unpack the box when you know where to place the TV.

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First, set up the stand or the wall mount and then place the TV. Leave the TV to come at room temperature. Till then, you can reconnect all the cables and wires and then switch on the TV.

Some general tips for packing your TV

Some general tips for packing your TV
  • Keep the TV and other parts dry during humidity by keeping silica gel bags inside the box.
  • Keep the TV manual in the box, especially if your model is old. If you have problems reconnecting the TV, check for instructions in the manual book. For newer models, you can refer to instruction videos online.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute to pack TV and other electronics. Rushing up at the last minute may cause the loss of some parts during the packing process. You may also cause damage to the TV if handling in a hurry.
  • Pack all the cables, remotes, and items related to your TV together in a bag so that you can find all these easily when you set up your TV at the new home.

We hope that this page gives you the answer to how to pack a TV for a move. Proper planning, careful handling, and using the right packing materials are must for safely packing and moving your TV to the new home. You can also hire packers and movers for home shifting services. Since they are experienced, they have the right tools, packing materials, and tricks to securely pack and move your TV and other household articles easily and timely to your new home.

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