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It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and money to start an office and no one wants to create negative energies in the office because it affects the functioning of operations. For the office to have prosperity and positivity it is crucial to follow Vastu guidelines. Whether it is choosing the plot for the office or choosing the stair case the architectural science of Vastu Shastra guides us at all steps to achieve great success and profits in the office. If you are wondering how to make your office an ideal space for growth and prosperity then don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are the top tips that will become your office peaceful, positive and successful.

Office Vastu- What to Build Where

Location Direction
Reception Northeast
Entrance East or North
Owner’s room Southwest
Staff Northwest
Accounts department Southeast
Conference rooms Northwest
Marketing department Northwest
Office Temple Northeast
Cashier’s office North
Pantry Southeast
Guardroom Northwest
Locker Southwest
Labourer’s house Northwest
Water tank Southwest or West
Staircase West, South, Southwest
Toilets Southwest and Northeast
Almirahs and racks Southwest
Telephone and side tables Southwest
Parking Northwest
Office lawn Northeast, north and east South and west for big trees

1. Direction of office building


The North, North-East or North-West are ideal directions for office buildings as they bring good fortune and positivity to business. The North direction is the direction of Kuber, the lord of wealth, and brings financial benefits to the business. The East direction is perfect for a service industry related office.

2. Location of office


The office must be situated in a crowded place rather than a lonely one for prosperity. It must be surrounded by running roads.

3. Plot for office


Sher Mukhi plots are the best for the buildings built for commercial purposes as their shape signifies a lion who is considered as the symbol of power, efficiency, and control. Such plots are broad in the front and narrow at the back facing the North direction.

4. Entrance of office


The main entrance of the office must face North or East direction without any obstacles.

Things to avoid: The door of the entrance must never be on the side of an interior wall as it can block the positive energies from coming in.

5. Reception


According to Vastu Shastra, the reception of any office reflects the power and nature of a company. Therefore, it must give out positive vibes to the visitors, clients, or even employees. The receptionist must sit facing North or east direction. The reception area in the offices must be constructed in the East or Northeast direction. The company profile must be placed on the south wall and reception desk should be diagonally placed to the main entrance door. Flowers can be kept on the reception for positivity.

6. Staircase


As per the guidelines of Vastu for office, the right place to construct a staircase in offices in the South or South-West direction. The staircases must be painted with light shades.

Things to avoid: Staircase in the center of the office as it may lead to financial losses. Red and black colored staircases must be avoided in offices.

7. Workstations

For north-facing workstations, things like files, documents, and electronic appliances like computers must be kept on the left side of the table. The east-facing workstations should have the above-mentioned items on the right-hand side.

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Square-shaped or rectangular-shaped desks with four corners are ideal for the workstations as per Vastu Shastra.

Things to avoid: Workstations or desks must never be L-shaped or any other irregular shape as it may create confusion and delays in delivery of work. The idols of Gods and Goddesses must not be kept on your desk as it shows disrespect. Never eat food on the workstation or desk as this space is only meant for business-related work.

8. Rooms of the office owners

The room of the office owners should be located in the South-west direction. They should always face north while working. The desk of the office owner must be rectangular in shape with proper four corners. The back of the seat of the owner must always be a strong concrete wall.

Things to avoid: Keeping temples or divine idols behind the seat of the office owners must be avoided.

9. Employees desk

The desks of the employees must face North or East direction.

10. Accounts department

The accounts department in offices should be located in the North or East direction as these directions are ideal for conducting cash transactions. Moreover, the best place to keep the financial records is the Southwest or North of the cabinet.

11. Marketing department

Marketing and sales staff must be located in the northwest corners of the office facing the north direction. This direction is auspicious and keeps them motivated.

12. Cash safe

The best position to keep the cash safe in the office is the southwest direction a sit denotes financial stability.

13. Toilets


The West or North-West direction is the best place to construct toilets in offices according to Vastu.

Things to avoid: Never construct washroom in the in North-East, South-East or East directions in offices as they are symbolic of negative energies.

14. Aquarium

Keeping an aquarium in the North-East direction in the office increases the financial flow in the business. Put nine goldfishes and one blackfish for wealth and prosperity.

15. Conference room


The ideal direction to construct the conference room in the office is in the north-west direction.

16. Pantry


The pantry of any office must be positioned in the South-East direction. Paint the pantry in blue color and keep bright green plants in it for a touch of freshness.

Things to avoid: Pantry in your office should never be in the North direction and painted in pink or red color.

17. Colors of office walls


Painting bright colors on walls of the offices invokes positivity and vibrancy in the work environment. The shades of white, grey and blue are considered ideal to paint the walls of the offices.

  • Blue is the ideal color for walls in the South direction
  • White or cream are suitable for East, Southeast, Northeast and Northwest walls.
  • Green color painted on Southwest walls is advantageous for the office work.

Things to avoid: Ignore colors like red, coral, pink or any other darker shade in office may lead to negativity.

18. Manager seating position

The manager, director, Chairman, and executives of the company must face Southwest, South or West directions as per Vastu for office. These directions improvise their decisions at work and bring positivity in offices.

19. Administrative and HR seating position

These two departments can be seated in the Southeast or northeast of the office. The positioning of their desk must be according to their professional hierarchy.

20. Technical Department

The best place for this department is the southeast direction as it invokes power and passion.

21. Temple


The North-East corner of the office is the best place to keep the temples. Always keep this area clean.

Things to avoid: Never store heavy things in the North-East zone of the office.

22. Office parking

Vehicles must be parked in the North-West direction of the office building.

Things to avoid: Parking zones for offices must never be built in the North-East direction.

23. Overhead tanks

The South-West or South direction is the best for placing overhead tanks.

Things to avoid: Never construct the overhead water tank above the room of the office owner.

24. Guardroom

Guardroom must be located in the Northwest direction from where he can keep his eyes on the visitors as well as vehicles coming in the office premises.

Things to avoid: Never build a guard room in the North-East direction.

25. Electric equipments

The electric equipments such as servers, panels, photocopy machines; cameras, etc. should be placed in the South-east direction.

26. Office lawns

Lawns with big trees must be developed in the West and South sides. Smaller lawns should be constructed without trees in the North-East, North and east directions.

27. Staff quarters

The North West direction is ideal for staff quarters. The second best option is the southeast direction.

Things to avoid: Never construct these rooms in the South West or North-East directions.

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28. Windows

The windows in the offices for the purpose of ventilation must be in the Eastern and Northern direction.

29. Cabins of the senior executives

The ideal positions for the construction of these cabins are West, South, and Southwest.

30. Waiting room

The waiting room in offices must be made in North-west or North-east direction.

31. Official files

eep your important files in these directions –

Account filesSoutheast corner shelf
Purchase filesSouthwest shelf on South wall
Sales filesNorthwest shelf
Shares filesShares to be sold in Northwest shelf on North wall and shares to retain on Southwest shelf made on South wall
Estate filesSouthwest shelf on South wall
Raw materials filesFinished goods files
Income tax filesSouthwest corner shelf
Sales tax and excise filesSouthwest corner shelf
Import and Export filesNorthwest corner shelf
Cash purchase filesSouthwest corner shelf
Credit purchase filesNorthwest corner shelf
Stores filesSouthwest corner shelf
Staff and workers filesNorthwest corner shelf
Pending bill receivables filesNorthwest shelf
Litigation filesNorthwest corner shelf
Personal filesSouthwest shelf of cabin

32. Lucky plants for office desk


Keeping bamboo plants, jade plants, snake plants, Areca palm plants, money plant, and dracaena plant on offices desks brings good luck and prosperity to business. Vastu Plants can bring a lot of positivity in the office environment.

33.Vastu Shastra Tips for Home Office


After Covid, a lot of people have made offices in their homes so that they can work from home with total productivity, but sometimes the desired productivity is not achieved, or the atmosphere at the home office is quite hostile; the primary reason for this could be not keeping in mind Vastu Shastra while building Home office. So, if you have to make a home office, these helpful Vastu Shastra tips for a home office will be convenient for you.

  • The work desk should be set up in a west or south-west direction. Whenever you are working, make sure your face is in the northeast direction.
  • There should be no obstruction in the office space by any door, window, or balcony.
  • Avoid sitting in front of a door or a wall in your home office, as it is not ideal to generate positive energy.
  • The home office should be in neutral and light colors like light yellow, cream, and light green.
  • Avoid working on a dining table that has a glass top.
  • The Drawers must be in the west or southwest section of the desk.
  • The home office should be designed in the house’s west or southwest corner. Vastu Shastra says this will enhance business decisions and provide better career opportunities.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office but regularly work from home, there are also Vastu tips to make your work-from-home more productive and prosperous. According to Vastu Shastra, the primary thing to remember while working from home is the direction you are facing. The direction you must face depends explicitly on the field you work in; if you work in sales, then the ideal direction to face will be southeast, whereas if you work in the administration field, you should face east direction.

34. Basement Office

If your office is in the basement, following Vastu Shastra becomes more critical because it can bring negative energy to the business. The most suitable direction of the land for the basement will be the east or north direction. Remember that there should be more space on the east and north sides. According to Vastu Shastra, the Lofts, and mezzanine floors should be towards the south, west, or south-west direction.

35. Vastu for Pictures in Office

If you want to keep pictures in the office, make sure you don’t use any sad or depressing pictures, as these pictures will add negative energy to the office. Instead, go for happy and motivating pictures to create a positive atmosphere in the office.

36. Cleanliness in Office

If you want your business to be highly profitable, then the workplace should be tidy. There shouldn’t be any unnecessary mess or piles of dust. According to Vastu Shastra, the office should be clean and clutter-free.

The Ending Note

Are you planning a new office for your new business idea? If yes, this Vastu for Office Tips will help you establish a workplace infused with positivity, encouragement, divine blessings, and profits. Moreover, you should also perform a Puja in the new office within the auspicious business muhurat to bless your new business with all the blessings and prosperity.

Have a Vastu blessed office!!!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. I want to have a signboard for my office. According to Vastu Shastra, what color should it be?

According to Vastu Shastra, the office signboard should be made of metal and plastic. The signboard should be in light colors like yellow, white, pink, and yellow, and avoid using dark colors like blue, black, grey, etc.

Q.2 Where should the Septic Tanks be constructed?

It will be ideal to construct the septic tank in the northwest zone.

Q.3 Should the employees sit showing back to the door or cabin?

The employees or bosses should never sit showing back to the door or cabin because it symbolizes a lack of faith.

Q.4 Where should I not sit in the office?

You should not sit in the aisle because it is considered highly inauspicious.

Q.5 What should I do to improve my communication with colleagues?

You should keep a turquoise pyramid on the workstations to improve your communication with colleagues.

Q.6 Is it fine to sleep on the work desk?

No, sleeping on the work desk should be avoided at all costs because it creates negative energies that will hamper your productivity.

Q.7 Where should be the slope of the floors in the office?

The most optimum direction for the slope of the floors in the office is the northeast direction.

Q.8 I have weighing machines in my office. According to Vastu Shastra, where should I keep them?

The most suitable place to keep weighing machines in the office will be in the North-West or Central-East direction.

Q.9 What material should I use for desks in the Office?

Vastu Shastra prefers desks made of Wood, so you can choose wood as it is suitable for desks, and it comes in different varieties as well to choose from.

Q.10 Where should the owner’s cabin be in the office?

The owner’s cabin should be on the west side of the office. According to Vastu Shastra, this will help in improving leadership qualities. The boss’s cabin should not be the first cabin in the office.

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