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Hyderabad is one of the famous cities in India and is also known as the City of Pearls. Hyderabad is a city rich in heritage, culture, and also food. The city is known for many historical sites, places of entertainment, and of course, the mouth-watering cuisine, including the Hyderabadi Biryani. Many bachelors and also students move to Hyderabad as its one of the amazing metropolitan cities for jobs or studies.

Are you also thinking of moving to Hyderabad? Then you are at the right place. Before moving to any city, finding out the cost of living there is essential. The cost of living in Hyderabad depends on many factors, such as accommodation, transport, food, etc. You can read this page, where we have discussed all the factors in detail. Then you can hire the best home shifting services to move to Hyderabad.


One of the essential factors that affect the cost of living in Hyderabad is accommodation. The first and foremost thing you require when you move to a new city is a home to live in. Searching for a residential area and a home can be time-consuming and tedious. Hence, it’s best to start your search early.

Some budget-friendly residential areas in Hyderabad include Uppal, Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, and Shamshabad. 1 to 2 BHK flats in such residential areas will cost you approx. Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000. Ameerpet, Himayat Nagar, and LB Nagar are some of the best areas for a PG accommodation, where you can expect rent charges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000.


The transport services in Hyderabad are well-connected. You can easily commute to work by local train, metro, or bus. Out of these options, the local train is the cheapest. The MMTS train general fare starts from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10, and for first-class, Rs. 50 to 155. But remember that the local trains are very crowded during peak hours.

You can also travel by metro, which is well connected to different corners of Hyderabad. The minimum Hyderabad metro fare is Rs. 10, and the maximum is Rs. 60. The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation runs buses around the city. The bus fares in Hyderabad range between Rs. 10 to Rs. 75.

You can also travel around the city or commute to work via bike or car rentals. Other than that, you also have the option of driving your own vehicle.


Hyderabad is famous for its delicious cuisine; hence food is not a problem here. You can cook by yourself or hire a cook, and their charges range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3,000. If you decide to cook by yourself, then the total cost may be around Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,000, but it also depends on the number of family members in your home.

cost of food in hyderabad

If you want to order food regularly, there’s no shortage of restaurants in Hyderabad. No matter the time, you can easily order food you like at your place. The cost of ordering food regularly can be between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000. Other than that, you can also order tiffin services.

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Grocery or household shopping can be done easily in Hyderabad. Many grocery or Kirana stores are in different local areas across the city. You can also shop for household items conveniently using many online grocery apps that offer home delivery. The average cost of grocery and household items shopping in Hyderabad can be up to Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000. The approximate cost of groceries is listed below:

cost of groceries in hyderabad
  • 1 liter milk – Rs. 60
  • White bread – Rs. 40
  • 1 dozen regular eggs – Rs. 50 to Rs. 80
  • 1 kg Tomato – Rs. 40
  • 1 kg Onion – Rs. 35
  • 1 kg Potato – Rs. 32
  • 1 kg Bananas – Rs. 45
  • 1 kg Apples – Rs. 180


Shopping is also one of the factors in the cost of living in Hyderabad 2024. This city offers many places for shopping, such as Koti Market, Begum Bazaar, Abids Street, etc., where you can shop for excellent quality footwear, toiletries, and other items at fair prices. Shoppers here will find many high-scale shopping malls and showrooms for buying branded quality items at reasonable prices. Based on your choices of brands and items, the average shopping budget in Hyderabad is estimated between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000.

shopping budget in Hyderabad

Schooling in Hyderabad

If you have kids, then knowing the options of schools is essential for you. Being one of the popular metropolitan cities, Hyderabad offers many school options for your kids. The kindergarten or preschools in the city have a fee between Rs.16,000 to Rs. 50,000 based on the area and the facilities offered to children. The annual school fees for older children can be between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3 Lakhs, depending on the area and the class standards.

Here are some of the best schools in Hyderabad:

  • DAV Public School – CBSE
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – CBSE
  • Delhi Public School – CBSE
  • Hyderabad Public School – ICSE and ISC
  • Johnson Grammar School – ICSE and CBSE
  • Vidyaranya High School – ICSE
  • Kangaroo Kids – Playschool
  • Bachpan Play School


Entertainment is essential for everyone. After a busy week, you want to relax and unwind by doing something fun and unwinding. Hyderabad offers many tourist attractions and entertainment for a fun weekend. You can spend some relaxing time with your family at one of the famous places in the city, the Hussain Sagar Lake, or the Charminar. There are many areas around this famous monument where you can enjoy mouth-watering snacks and Irani chai. An evening in Hyderabad will cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000. You can refer to this blog to know the best places to visit in Hyderabad.


Many people also love spending their weekends watching new releases in movie theatres. Unlike most metro cities, movie ticket prices in Hyderabad are the same irrespective of the time of the day. You don’t need to watch a movie at the theatre early in the morning at low ticket prices.

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utility charges in hyderabad

There are many utilities that you will require after moving to Hyderabad. A certain sum from your expenses will go into the gas connection, electricity, Wifi connection, phone bill, TV, etc. The utility charges in Hyderabad may cost around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000. If you live in a society, the utility charges may increase.

Cost of living in Hyderabad for a single person

If you are a bachelor planning to live in Hyderabad, then you can opt to live in a PG where the monthly cost can be between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000. You can also take a 1 BHK flat on rent between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 16,000.

Cost of living in Hyderabad for a family

Families can rent a flat in Ameerpet, Uppal, and other areas, where the monthly cost can be between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 23,000. This cost includes rent, food, transportation, etc. These prices can increase if the families stay in a posh residential area. The cost can also increase based on their lifestyle.

Cost of living in Hyderabad for a couple

Couples who want to live in Hyderabad city can rent a 1 to 2 BHK flat at Madhapur, Hi-Tech City, or Himayat Nagar, where the cost of rent can be around Rs. 15,000 monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is Hyderabad an affordable metropolitan city in India?

Yes, out of the many metro cities in India, such as Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, etc., Hyderabad is India’s most affordable big city.

Q.2 What is the cost of living for a family of four in Hyderabad?

Uppal, Ameerpet, LB Nagar, etc., are some of the best localities where a family of four can rent a flat. The family’s spending in these areas can be around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000, including utilities, medical, food, transport, etc. The cost can be higher if the families reside in posh localities such as Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, etc., then the overall expenses of staying here can be between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000. But these expenses also depend on your lifestyle.

Q.3 Is Hyderabad a safe city?

Yes, Hyderabad is a safe city to live in as the crime rates here are lower than other cities in India.

Q.4 What are the best places to eat in Hyderabad?

Many restaurants and eateries serve delicious Hyderabadi as well as other cuisines. Some of the best places to eat in Hyderabad are Almond House, Mandil, Cafe Bahar, Gokul Chaat Bhandar, Ram ki Bandi, etc.

Q.5 Is it easy to find accommodation in Hyderabad?

It is easy to find a budget-friendly or posh residential area in Hyderabad. However, it is advised to start searching for a place months before relocating to the city.

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