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When we prepare to relocate to a new city like Pune, checking out the cost of living in Pune or whichever city you are moving to is a must. That’s because we are living in times when money matters the most. And with inflation being one of the biggest concerns of every other person, having a rough estimation of their spending and savings is a smart move.

When taking the risk and moving out of your house in search of an improved standard of living and better career opportunities, always do thorough research first. Since you are shifting to Pune, the Queen of the Deccan, the details below are a must-read. Find out the cost of Living in Pune and other essential details about the city here.

Note: The details below on the cost of living in Pune are rough estimations based on various factors. The digits of cost for various sectors provided below are an approximation. Your final cost of living in Pune may vary based on various factors and areas where you choose to spend differently.

Cost of housing in Pune

Cost of housing in Pune

Housing is one of the main concerns of everyone who relocates from their home. If you don’t own a property in Pune, you must live in a rented apartment. And the flats for rent in Pune can cost around 15k to 25k per month for a 2 BHK. The cost of living in Pune is directory proportional to the area you choose to live in and the facilities you avail of. Here are some details on the cost of accommodation in Pune:

Apartment TypeRentals (per month)
1 BHK7,000 to 15,000
2 BHK15,000 to 25,000
3 BHK25,000 to 55,000
PG (Paying guest)6,000 to 18,000

Your place of accommodation in Pune highly affects your cost of spending and savings. So, if you plan to relocate to one of the best residential localities in Pune, get ready to spend accordingly.

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Cost of groceries in Pune

Cost of groceries in Pune

After setting up a home, home essentials are the next important thing a person is worried about. And yes, they add up a fair share of your cost of living in Pune. Here is a list of basic items that a person buys daily and regularly needs in their house to eat sufficiently:

Type of GroceryQuantityPrice in Pune
Wheat flour1 Kg67 rupees approx
Regular milk1 Litre55 rupees approx
Bread loaf500gms35 rupees approx
Raw eggs12 pieces60 to 70 rupees approx
Raw chicken1 Kg200 to 300 rupees approx
Raw seafood1 kg600 to 900 rupees approx
Fruits1 Kg50 to 200 rupees approx (based on which fruit you are buying)
Raw vegetables1 kg30 to 60 rupees approx (based on which vegetable you are buying)
Raw spices 1 Kg30 to 450 rupees approx (based on what spices you are buying)
Raw white rice1 Kg45 to 60 rupees approx
Tea leaves1 Kg500 to 600 rupees approx
Coffee powder50 gms170 approx (Or based on MRP)
Water1 Litre15 rupees approx

Based on these calculations, you can get a rough idea of how much money you will have to spend in your kitchen to fill your stomach daily. Your daily food necessity is vital in deciding your final cost of living in Pune.

Medical expenses in Pune

Medical expenses in Pune

The cost of medical expenses must be added to the budget when calculating the cost of living in Pune because it matters a lot. Even if you are a healthy person who isn’t dependent on regular medications, a few basic painkillers, multivitamins, calcium, and other medicines have become a daily necessity.

Sanitary pads, tampons, and other items required by women when they are menstruating are also crucial commodities and must be calculated under this category. Based on these calculations, you will have a medical expense of 500-2,000 rupees in Pune.

And if you have a family member who suffers from chronic disease, the monthly medical expense can range from 2,000 to 5,000 rupees for medical costs and doctor visits.

Cost of education in Pune

Cost of education in Pune

Parents living in Pune who have to fund their child’s school fees and scholars who have migrated to Pune for higher education, here’s what you have to pay here for the cost of education in Pune:

Type of educationFee durationFee charges
Kindergarten and primary educationMonthly fee3,000 to 8,000 Approximately
Middle and secondary educationAnnual fee50,000 to 5,00,000, approximately
College and university educationEntire course fee3,00,000 to 16,00,000 approximately

The cost of education in Pune is pricy. But it is also said that Pune offers the best education in the country, so its prices are justified.

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Cost of utilities in Pune

Cost of utilities in Pune

We live in a generation that has multiple needs to live comfortably. And these utilities of comfort are not a waste of money or resources but are beneficial and important things to survive. Electricity, gas, internet are some of the most common, helpful, and high-in-demand utilities everyone needs for survival. Here is the cost of utilities in the city that will add a tremendous amount to your average cost of living in Pune.

UtilitiesMonthly cost
Water1000 to 2000 rupees approx
Electricity1500 to 4000 rupees approx
Gas (for cooking)1200 to 1500 rupees approx
Internet500 to 800 rupees approx
Petrol/diesel106/93 rupees per liter, respectively

To know more about Pune city and what facilities you will get after shifting there, you must check out website. Knowing all the government policies is a must for an outsider in a new city who is here to settle down.

Cost of transportation in Pune

Cost of transportation in Pune

On the one hand, the daily cost of local transportation in Pune ranges from 30 to 100 rupees. On the other hand, a private taxi can cost you roughly 50 to 200 rupees for one-way travel expenses. This means you can take monthly transportation for about 1500 – 3500 in the city while calculating the cost of living in Pune.

Cost of miscellaneous necessities in Pune

All the abovementioned things are crucial when determining the cost of living in Pune. But many other things don’t come under the necessities but are lifestyle, so calculating them is also important.

Type of secondary necessityCost of secondary necessity
Restaurant food and drinks25- 1500 rupees approx
Sports and leisure200 to 3000 rupees based on the sport you are playing
Clothing and shopping4000 to 6000 for seasonal clothes shopping
Movies400 to 800 rupees for 2 movie tickets
Gym membership700 to 3000 rupees per month
Amusement parks500 – 1200 rupees

Now you have an average cost of living in Pune. You can estimate if the location is fit for your living in your current salary, or you have to manage a bit to balance your savings and spending.

If you earn approximately 35,000 or more, you can survive easily in Pune. Anything more than 35,000 means you can live lavishly and comfortably and save more than expected. And even if you are earning less, Pune has a big heart and a lot of options to offer you for easy accommodation.

So, if the cost of living in Pune is much higher than what you have expected, don’t get disheartened. Resume your home shifting Pune on the date you have fixed and do the Griha Pravesh puja for a better life in the new city. It will get better with time as the city will shower new opportunities on its way in abundance.

So start preparing, plan your new life and watch this space for more exciting and informative updates.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cost of living in Pune

Q.1 Is Pune an expensive city to live in?

Pune is not an expensive city to live in. It is economical, and anyone working in a salaried job can live in Pune easily.

Q.2 What is the monthly expense of living in Pune?

The monthly expense in Pune ranges from rupees 6,000 to 16,000 based on the various types of commodities you use.

Q.3 How much salary is sufficient to afford to live in Pune?

You can easily afford to live in Pune with a 35,000+ monthly salary. To know all your expenses and living costs in Pune, refer to the above information.

Q.4 Is it easy to get flats for rent in Pune?

Yes, renting flats in Pune is super easy. That’s because there are multiple apartments in various city locations, and each has uncountable options to offer you. You can choose any flat for rent in Pune based on your budget and necessities.

Q.5 What is the average cost of living in Pune?

The average cost of living in Pune ranges from 6,000 to 16,000 rupees. This range includes the cost of major commodities, accommodation, and multiple miscellaneous expenses.

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