We often have times in our home when we want to deep clean the house and eliminate the clutter. We constantly clean the floors, shelves, cupboards, counters, and other areas to remove every ounce of dust from them, but only sometimes do we think of removing all the unwanted items at home.

This happens for two reasons. The first reason is when someone doesn’t know they have a lot of clutter that needs to be disposed of. The second reason is that we know we have to get rid of so many unwanted things stored in our house, but we need to figure out where to start and what to do with the clutter.

Below we have discussed some essential points on how you can remove all the clutter from your home and what to do with it. We have also shared some amazing benefits of decluttering your house.

This information can be the best home cleaning guide for you that will help you a long way. Continue reading to gain this gem of knowledge, and make your home a heavenly abode where no clutter exists.

How to declutter your home?

1. Start with the kids’ section

Kids are a magnet that attracts clutter because their creative minds are always up to some mischief, and they need multiple stuff to carry out their mission. Start organizing their study tables and give special attention to their stationery items.

Start with the kids' section

You will find a lot of old stationery items, papers, broken crayons, notebooks that cannot be used anymore, dried-out paints, and multiple other things that are either broken or don’t belong on the study table.

Remove them all from the study table and rearrange the table with the books and stationery that are fit for use and required by your kid for their studies. Everything that they don’t need or isn’t usable throw them off or donate to someone who needs them and will value them.

2. Next are clothes, bags, and shoes

One by one, check all the cupboards of your home where you keep your clothes, shoes, and bags. This includes checking out your kids’ and parents’ wardrobe as well. Start with taking out all the clothes from the space and ask the concerned person about the clothes they don’t wear.

Don’t forget to ask them the reason behind abandoning those clothes. If any of them doesn’t fit, see if you can get it fixed by the tailor; clothes are worn out and not suitable for wearing, pack them separately. Lastly, if there are clothes that are perfectly fine, but the owner doesn’t use them for no particular reason, donate them to people in need and ask the owner to be a responsible shopper.

Next are clothes, bags, and shoes

Do the same with shoes and bags for everyone in your house. Donate shoes that don’t fit anymore, throw off shoes that are worn out, and arrange the remaining properly. You might need essential cleaning products to do this task more efficiently, so keep them handy.

In the case of bags, we all have multiple bags that we love so much that we never let them go. If these bags are in good condition, keep them, but if they are torn or unusable, throw them off. Do this with your handbags, clutches, kids’ school bags, holiday bags, and all the other kinds of bags you own.

3. Digital and electrical declutter

We live in an era of multiple electronic devices and digital gadgets. They are expensive, and we often refuse to throw them off once they stop working. We often think a time will come when they will magically start working, we will get them repaired, or we will sell them and get a decent price in return.

But sadly, none of it happens in most cases, and all those gadgets and electronics stay untouched in our homes, consuming space they shouldn’t consume. This makes it crucial to be mindful of your space and understand that one must not have gadgets and electronics waste at home as they might also consume radioactive waste. So, it’s time you declutter them as well.

Digital and electrical declutter

Start with accepting that you will never need any of those items. If there is any precious you want to keep or you know you will need it sooner or later, remove it from the dump full of clutter and keep it aside to get i9t repaired. This will ensure the gadget or electronic item is ready to serve you whenever you need it.

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The dump can be disposed of by consulting the company and selling it to them. Many companies return their dead electronics or gadgets and give a reasonable amount in return. You can do that with your stuff too.

Or else, you can sell it off to a junk dealer at a decent price. Doing so will give you the benefit of having extra space at your home while you manage waste in return for getting paid for it.

4. Declutter plastic and kitchen waste

The kitchen is another area of our homes with maximum clutter that needs to be disposed of. The major junk in the kitchen is all those old, dirty storage boxes we never throw. They just stay in one corner of your kitchen and take up a lot of space.

It’s time you start checking out your kitchen for all the stuff that shouldn’t be there. Start from storage boxes and level up to water bottles. If you have old water bottles you are neither using nor throwing off, fill them with fresh water and give them to people on the roads who will treasure them.

Check out the pressure cookers, pans, and other utensils that are no more useable, give them away to steel junk dealers, and make space for new utensils in your home. If your kitchen drawers are full of poly bags, wrappers, chunks of biscuits, and other eatables spread here and there, clean them and spread new sheets in your drawer for better management.

All the old carton boxes, tetra packs, and expired or soggy food that is unfit for consumption also throw them off. Then disinfect all the shelves, cabinets, drawers, fridge, and other kitchen areas. Your kitchen will feel fresh and new, and you will enjoy cooking in a well-managed and clutter-free space.

5. Check small areas in your home

Last but not least, it’s time to check all the small areas of your home where you or your family can store things that should be thrown off. These areas can be the counters, cupboards, showcases, washrooms (toiletry junk), storage under the bed, cabinets for extra storage near the ceiling, guest rooms, etc.

Even if there is not much to dispose of, you will still learn about all these areas and understand what is stored in which place. As the owner, you need to know these details to manage your home better.

Now, whether you get the clutter to dispose of or unmanaged stuff to put back in place properly, it’s your call how you would like to manage these spaces. But remember to be creative and mindful while handling them, and don’t let procrastination get the best of you.

How to find unwanted things at your home?

It is effortless to find unwanted things at home. Here’s how you can find the places where most of your unwanted things or clutter would be stored:

  • Messy areas: If there is any messy area in your home like a messy drawer, cabinet, shelf, or wardrobe, there are high chances they contain at least 1 thing that needs to be thrown off. Clean them up and see what clutter they have; if there isn’t any unwanted thing in the pile, be happy because you just organized a messy space in your home, and doing so is essential.
Messy areas
  • Store rooms: There are multiple things at our home that we resist throwing because we may need them in the future. Our store room is full of such items, but we only use some of those things ever. This is the time to address this habit and get rid of all those things that, somewhere deep down, you know you will never use. So, the storeroom is a great place to find all such items.
Store rooms
  • Places that are least used in your home so they become a dumping ground of everything: When we need a proper store room at our home, we often make a less used or unimportant place at our home the dumping ground of all our clutter. Now is the time to bring that place to life and stop putting all your unwanted things there. Let it all go if you know everything kept there is not required. Otherwise, check everything out individually, discard the clutter, and keep the necessary things in their place.
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Benefits of decluttering your home regularly:

  • Mental health benefits: Cleanliness is proven to empower peace of mind, and the process of cleaning has shown guaranteed results of being therapeutic. When we clean our space and get rid of clutter, dirt, and unorganized items, we channel our stress in the right direction and distress our minds. Cleaning and management are one of the best ways to detox your mind and feel mentally healthy. It also helps you to get better sleep in your bedroom with less clutter to deal with.
Mental health benefits
  • Saves space: Whether you have decided to declutter one space at a time or your entire house in a single attempt, decluttering always saves a lot of space at home. You not only throw off unwanted stuff but also let your home breathe again with fewer goods to accommodate.
  • Saves money: Declutter saves money in multiple ways. Firstly, we sell a lot of stuff to the companies or junk dealers that bring us money. Secondly, the space occupied by junk and clutter at your home will be freed from unwanted waste, and you can breathe again with lightheartedness.
  • Promotes creativity: As mentioned above, cleaning the home and managing waste relaxes the mind, and creativity is born when the mind is relaxed. You will start thinking about how to utilize the free space or bring the waste and dead material to use again. These thoughts promote creativity and help you bring more and more ideas to the table that are useful for you, your home, and waste management. You may become an interior decorator or planner while cleaning your home Look forward to that.
  • A chance to help others that make us feel good: Most of our clutter at home is given away to charity. The clothes and shoes that don’t fit, extra stationery and books, and electronics that are in good condition but we don’t need them anymore are given away as charity. People like our house help, those who come to collect garbage at our home, our gardener, watchman of the building, etc., usually get these things from us, and we feel good helping them with things that are ordinary for us but valuable for them.
  • Manifests new space for new items: If you believe in manifestation ritual, you must also believe that to manifest something new, you have to make space for it by letting go of the old and unwanted thing that has taken space unwantedly in our lives. This ritual also works for our homes, which means when you let go of the unwanted things from your home and declutter with an open heart, life blesses you with new things to fill up that empty space in your home. So, you are basically performing a manifestation ritual by removing the dump from your home. Therefore, get ready to receive blessings soon.
  • Increases vastu flow in the house: It is said that having a dump in your home is not suitable for positive Vastu energy to flow freely in your home. By removing all the clutter and managing your belongings, you are encouraging vastu shastra to bless your home and make it a heavenly abode for living.


Your home is the place where you dwell and where your children grow. You might not spend your maximum time at home due to work commitments, but it is the only place you think of when you need to relax and feel safe and cozy.

Therefore, your home must also dwell to help you sustain a life of positivity, and for that, you must remove all sorts of clutter from your abode. Follow the tips given above and live in a clutter-free and clean place that is achieved effortlessly.

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Anishka Luthra