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Somebody has very rightly said that “Successful people don’t do different things but they do things differently!!”

Packers and Movers Cost Calculator

And, the team at, a well-known web-based directory of only the verified moving companies, firmly believes in the quote. It aims to help the customers with its safe, reliable and affordable services!!

One of the most important things, that nobody can ignore, who is going for home relocation, is the packers and movers charges. 

Let’s make it in another way! 

What are the things that you calculate and make an estimate about, when you promise your family and kids for a holiday trip? Don’t say you need not to do that! Each one of us actually does and none of us can deny that fact. In our mind we calculate the travel cost, hotel charges, expenses on shopping, food and alike. What I am trying to say, when I am talking about all this is that, the estimation that you make while planning to move your home is nothing different than that of a trip. has made it possible to Estimate packers and movers charges for you in the simplest ever way!! is an online directory of various verified and trustworthy packing and moving companies in India. And, it works so efficiently to deal with all the customer’s needs that start off by requesting for the quotes as below.

Estimate packers and movers charges

We have prepared this precise and segregated list of areas which will decide the total cost of moving your home. It will help to develop a clear understanding how it all works.

Factors that will decide the Total cost of moving with packers and movers

1. The Clutter of your Household Goods
2. Distance between your New and the old home
3. Packing Charges
4. Manpower Requirement
5. Type of vehicle and the related cost
6. Ware housing
7. Shifting Timing that you choose

Based on the below factors the cost of your move will be calculated at the website as illustrated below.

cost of moving with packers and movers

These factors vary from the type of shifting. If it’s a local shifting then many of the factors that may lead you to spend more get reduced or get eliminated from the list. 

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Let’s discuss the factors that will contribute to the packers and movers charges while moving your home one by one each for a local shifting and an intra city shifting.

Local Shifting (When the destination is in the same city)


It is the volume of the goods in your household that has to be shifted that decides the type of loading and unloading trucks. The price of the truck to be used completely depends on the volume of goods and number of trips needed.

As per our expert analysis the trucks needed for the purpose can range from an 18 feet DCM to a small Tata ace, and the cost may range from Rs 1000 to Rs 3500.


Most of the customers are confused on, if the distance will play a great role in the overall cost of moving. 

But, the good news for them is that, really does not matter in 99% of the cases. The distance may be 1 km or 10 km but the moving charge for the logistics will remain the same. The difference occurs only if you are moving within the apartment may be from one floor to the other. In that case only the cost involved with logistics gets deducted from the total cost of moving. 


When you are moving within the same city then the travel time is usually 2-3 hours and there is only a little chance of your goods getting damaged. In the most cases, packing is done only for the vulnerable items at home that may include kitchen crockery and electronic goods. 

These fragile items are packed in cardboard boxes and are very cautiously wrapped with paper. The total cost on packing may range from 1000-3500.

In addition to that if you want to get other items like furniture packed then you may have to spend a little more.


One of the primary requirements when you are moving your home is of the manpower. These are those people who will handle your household goods from packing until they reach your new home. They will do everything, pack, lead and unpack for you. 

A professional will usually charge 500-600 per person. Here is a precise explanation on how it goes:

Type of Your HomeNo of persons requiredCharges
1 BHK21000-1200
2 BHK42000-2400


The cost related to transport vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you choose, whether you are choosing a shared or a dedicated truck.

Shared Truck

If you are opting for a shared truck then it will be shared between 2-3 households. The advantage of this way of shifting is that it will cost you lesser but the disadvantage is that it will take a little longer the otherwise.

Dedicated Truck

Opting for a dedicated truck is preferable for those who want the delivery to be faster. Here, there won’t be any hassle of sharing the same with some other party. 

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According to the distance, it will cost you around Rs 5000 – Rs 15000. Our close estimation has revealed that more than half of the movers and packers charges are form that of the cost of transportation.


In most cities, it is restricted to move the vehicle from 8 am to 12 pm in the day and 4 pm to 9 pm in the evening time. And, if you are planning your move during this time, you will be required to pay chalan amounting to approximately Rs 600.

Overall Cost of packers and movers for Local Shifting

After making close examination and studying the quotes from more than 500 moving companies, we have prepared this exhaustive list of rate involved with moving. The list has been prepared after going through the customer’s reviews, services, equipments used and many such aspects.

Type of HomeTransport ChargesPacking ChargesLabour ChargesTotal Moving Cost
1 BHK1200 -22001200 -22001200 – 17003600 – 6100
2 BHK1700 – 42001700 – 25001700 – 40005100 – 10700
3BHK and +4200 – 62004200 – 52002500 – 350010900 – 14900

Intercity Shifting (Moving from one city to the other)


Same is applicable for moving from city to city when it comes to household goods. The type of trucks and the means of transportation will wholly depend on the volume of your household goods just like in the case of local shifting. And, the price of these vehicles will completely vary accordingly.


Including the distance, the city to which you are shifting will decide the total cost of transportation. 

Let’s illustrate it with an example!

Suppose you are planning to move your 2 BHK home in Hyderabad to Bangalore then the approximate cost that you have to bear for a hiring a shared truck will be around 15k to 20k. But, at the other instance if you are shifting the same 2BHK house from Hyderabad to Nagpur then the cost that you have to bear would be 16 k to 21 k. There are several factors that decide this difference.


It is quite obvious that taking into account the poor condition of roads in India, the vulnerability to causing damage to goods increases proportionally. And, therefore, in that case packing must have to be done very cautiously. Especially the furniture, crockery items, glass and electronics goods must be packed with utmost care. 

And, the approximate packing charges can add up to around 3000 – 8000. Around 30% of the total cost accounts this section of moving.


The Unpacking facility is generally is not made available to some other destination. Only a few of the moving companies carry out the task of unpacking and for that they will charge you extra. It can cost you around 1000 – 4000. 


While a shared truck will cost you less and will be shared between 2-3 parties, a dedicated truck will cost you a little more and will take less amount of time. More than 50% of the total cost of moving will have to be spent on vehicle. 


Though, availing the insurance facility is an optional thing it is always great to go for it when moving to some other city. It will cost around 3% of the total value of the insured goods. In most of the cases it is an optional facility but some companies make it compulsory. 

Here is an estimated cost of moving with shared and private truck from Bangalore to different cities in India.

Type of HomeTransport ChargesPacking Charges
Bangalore to Hyderabad (1BHK-2BHK)Rs 10000 – 15000Rs 22000-24000
Bangalore to Pune (1BHK-2BHK)Rs 11000 – 16000Rs 21000-25000
Bangalore to Chennai (1BHK-2BHK)Rs 12000 – 17000Rs 22000-24000
Bangalore to Mumbai (1BHK-2BHK)Rs 12000 – 16000Rs 23000-25000
Bangalore to Delhi (1BHK-2BHK)Rs 14000 – 23000Rs 30000-35000


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